Style, Decor & More: Top Celebrity Makeup Artist Chelsea Yusuf Shares Red Carpet Makeup Trends, Smokey Eye Tips & More {Interview}

Top Celebrity Makeup Artist Chelsea Yusuf Shares Red Carpet Makeup Trends, Smokey Eye Tips & More {Interview}

Celebrity makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur, Archangela Chelsea Yusuf, is one of the hottest celebrity makeup artists in the business today. From award shows to red carpet events, from celebrity personal clients to network talk shows, and everything in between – Chelsea Yusuf can be found working it. Her work was even on designer runways; Lanvin and Ankara. She lives and breathes for all things makeup and beauty, making her a guru in the industry! Her work has been seen on star studded red carpets, such as; the Emmy's and Golden Globes. As well as on the most-watched television series, from ABC’s “Good Morning America” to FOX’s “The Real” and “America’s Next Top Model.”
With star clients like Hollywood's leading men including: Charlie Weber from ABC's “How to Get Away with Murder,” Cary Elwes from “Princess Bride,” and James Tupper from ABC’s “Revenge” – it’s clear she is very talented at the craft. Most recently her work has even been featured in top publications including: Vogue, Variety, People, The Observer, The Wrap, Deadline, Popsugar, and many more. For the past year, she has been the in-house makeup artist for Composure magazine and provides makeup and grooming to every celebrity client featured in the magazine, including: Naomi Grossman, Travis Wall, Karmin, Ryan Newman, Sarah Rafferty, Tahj Mowry and Haley Ramm. On top of the all-star roster of celebrity clientele, Chelsea is also the in-house makeup guru for Indonesia's insanely popular "iLook" series on Net TV, where she lends her expertise, granting Hollywood glam makeovers.

      Originally from Indonesia, she ties together cultures and genders with the artistic craft of makeup. Her work includes both, makeup and grooming, in Hollywood. Noted as one to watch in 2017, Chelsea continues to work in LA and NY, in addition to touring the world with celebrity clients in television, film, music and reality TV.

From the UK, to Australia, Indonesia, Russia, and Italy, Chelsea has worked with clients all over the world. Chelsea began working as a makeup artist at age 15 and has been at it ever since. As a painter, she was finding herself staring at a blank canvas, lacking inspiration, and her sister suggested she change the canvas, applying her painting skills to makeup. As soon as she traded in her paint brush for a makeup brush, she realized this was her true passion and never looked back. Her free time is spent testing new products to ensure her clients receive the best the market has to offer.

I had the opportunity to interview the talented makeup artist herself, Chelsea Yusuf. I was able to get all of the Hollywood glam secrets one would want to know. In addition, to helpful makeup tips and tricks that everyone should know. Enjoy!
KG: To start off, can you tell us a little bit about your background that led to your blossoming career as a celebrity makeup artist? What was your biggest inspiration to work in this field?
CY: “I started my career when I was still 16-17 years old. I love painting and art, and when I was 16, my older sister introduced me to makeup. I started playing around with her small makeup kit and I fell in love. I can get creative and still be able to make people happy with my work. Starting from that moment, I knew that this is what I want to do with my life. I am originally from Indonesia, and the idea of being able to work with Hollywood celebrities has always been a dream for me. I remember when I was 17 years old, I just wanted to work and make people happy through my makeup. To be honest with you, I had no idea how I could achieve this and how I would start working in Hollywood. But I tried anyways, and every day I worked, I would meet new people. This word of mouth eventually lead to introductions from one celebrity to another, and here I am now. :)”
KG: That’s amazing! You have done makeup for many red carpet events and award shows, including the Emmy’s and Golden Globes! What have those experiences been like for you?
CY: “These experiences been really great for me! The fact that I am able to see my work on the red carpet and TV…it is such a satisfying feeling for me. It makes me want to grow more as an artist and it encourages me to do more and more every day.”
KG: That is the perfect, positive mindset! Right now what are the top makeup trends on the red carpet? How can our readers incorporate those looks into their beauty routines?
CY: “A lot of fun colors, definitely. We see tons of fun lipstick colors that celebrities use on the red carpet that people can definitely relate to for everyday uses. Winged eyeliner will never die and it will always be a trend! Another one is highlighter, for sure. There are a lot of great and amazing highlighter products to make your face look glowing and fresh, that people usually use every day on the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, cupid bow, and also forehead.”
KG: Highlighter and winged eyeliner are definitely the trends! What are the must-have essential items for working the red carpet? What looks and colors are you finding that you’re doing and using the most at these?
CY: “Definitely concealers to hide any imperfections, eyebrow pencil to groom the eyebrow, and also a highlighter to make my client's faces looks fresh and glowing, when walking the carpet. Lately people like the idea of natural glam, for this spring/summer, with a touch of color (lipstick or eyeshadow.) I've done a ton of nude colors for my clients as well!” 
KG: Bold colors are definitely in style this season! Nudes are very popular right now for sure, everything just looks better nude. Everyone loves a smokey eye! Any tips for how to do an easy smokey eye? (Especially for our readers who are beginners or who are looking to expand their eyeshadow makeup techniques.)
CY: “Easy! Grab your black kajal eyeliner, and just use that eyeliner as your eyeliner and your eyeshadow. Blend it with your finger. Then, just set the eye makeup with grey/blue/black shadow using your finger. Super easy!”
KG: Gorgeous! Now more than ever, it’s essential to have the perfect eyeliner. What is your favorite eyeliner to use? Do you have any tips and tricks for doing the signature bold cat eye? (Sometimes people get nervous they won’t be able to make it perfectly, and don’t want it to be uneven. Is there anything to ensure it’ll be nice and smooth?)
CY: “I definitely use pen and waterproof eyeliner. I usually use Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner or Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Eyeliner to create that perfect wing. The key is to be confident! Don't be afraid, because when you're afraid, you tend to mess it up. (Haha.) So just grab tape, and tape the edge of your eyes as your guideline and then draw that perfect eyeliner confidently. Practice also makes it perfect!”
KG: Very true! I was always taught perfect practice makes perfect, so practice is key! You’ve done designer runways like Lanvin and Ankara! What was your favorite part of doing the makeup for those shows? What were the popular looks you did for them as well?
CY: “Well, it's fun because I got to see backstage craziness, which I really enjoy! I love doing the no-makeup makeup look, which is very typical for a runway. They tend to use less makeup, to highlight the clothes more. Therefore, usually the idea of no-makeup, makeup look is just perfect because we highlight the clothes and also the model's face.”
KG: Absolutely! What are your all-time favorite makeup and beauty products to use? Where can our readers buy those?
CY: “Neutrogena makeup wipes from any drugstore, Makeup Forever HD Foundation that you can find everywhere, and NARS Creamy Concealer in any stores. Those are my three must have items!”
 KG: Those are great choices! For every day makeup looks, especially if people are in a hurry, what are some simple makeup looks? What products should be carried for when on-the-go?
CY: “Usually, I only do concealer from NARS. The NARS Creamy Concealer, Bare Minerals Powder Foundation, to cover the face, yet; still giving a nice natural look. Stila Convertible Color Lip, Cheek for blush on and lip color, and just an Anastasia Wiz for your eyebrow. :)”
KG: Amazing! It’s all about the contour! What advice can you give for perfecting the contour and highlight? A lot of people want to have a bold contour and highlight, but don’t know the proper way to do it. What is the best way to perfect it and accomplish it? What tools are best to achieve it as well?!
CY: “Well, if you are a beginner, start with a contour and highlight powder - as I have found out that it's easier to apply. Use your slanted brush, and just contour your face on the hollow of your cheek, the nose, and just a little bit on the forehead and jawline. Start sheer and keep building up. I love Kat Von D highlight and contour powder for my clients for beginners. When you are comfortable with the powder, then you can do cream. I love Anastasia cream contour palette for my clients, and I use a synthetic blending brush for application.”
KG: Love, love, love! Skincare is also so important! What skincare routine would you suggest works the best? What types of products are essential? (Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, etc.!)
CY: “For sure cleanser! I clean with Bioderma first, and then use La Roche Posche as the cleanser. Then I use Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner, followed with Jurlique Rose serum, Kiehl's Moisturizer and Kiehl's Avocado Eye cream. These products are my holy grail!”
KG: Fabulous! You’ve also done a lot of work for TV! What was it like for you to do makeup for “America’s Next Top Model,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and FOX’s “The Real” as a makeup artist?
CY: “It's really awesome knowing your work is on TV! I enjoy the process of TV production too, and I love the fact that my clients believe in me.”
KG: As a leading beauty expert, you’re extremely knowledgeable and experienced. What has been the most rewarding part of your journey thus far?
CY: “Well, knowing that I got nominated as a Top 10 Makeup Artist for People's Choice Award in 2015 or 2016…it was unbelievable! Also, when my work got featured in Vogue when I was still only 19 years old!”
KG: That is awesome! You are very talented and your work is flawless! Thank you for everything!

 For more on Chelsea Yusuf, you can find her at:

By Katie Gray

Katie Gray is a Marymount Manhattan College alum with degrees in Communication & Media Arts and Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. She is a New York City based freelance writer, journalist and reporter. She has had jobs and internships with: Marie Claire, Fox News, 5W Public Relations, NY1 News, Bloomingdale’s flagship, Cumulus Media with radio stations NASH FM & PLJ, Tribeca Film Festival and New York Fashion Week with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Her work has been featured in print and online publications: Brooklyn Reporter, Cupid’s Pulse, The Daily Meal, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Center for Communication, Bensonhurst Bean, and more. You can find more articles from Katie on her website:


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    1. Hi Neely, I agree. She's passionate about what she does and amazing as well.

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