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Beauty Report: How To Restore, Revive & Reveal Your Radiance

Glowing, healthy skin is a goal most of us want to achieve. We have all seen celebrities on the red carpet with gorgeous glowing skin and wonder how they get the glow. Just look at Jennifer Lopez who is in her late 40's and her skin is to die for! 

To achieve healthy, glowing skin you will want to use products that are formulated to restore, revive and reveal your skin's natural radiance. As we age, our skin starts to lose some of its elasticity and vibrancy. That's why adding radiance-restorative essentials to your skincare routine is an important step in making your complexion look more youthful. 

Below are three simple steps you can take for younger looking skin using cruelty-free skincare products: 

1. Exfoliate. To reveal your radiance it's important to begin by removing the dull skin from your face with a gentle exfoliator. The key word is 'gentle.' I have read the pros and cons of using an exfoliator but most dermatologists still recommend exfoliating. Personally, I feel it makes sense to remove dead skin cells to allow beauty products to seep deeper into the skin. After using a mild cream cleanser, saturate a cotton ball or cotton pad with Pixi Glow Tonic and avoiding the eyes, wipe it across your face, neck, and d├ęcolletage to gently exfoliate skin. The cooling toner feels refreshing and is formulated with 5% Glycolic Acid, aloe vera, ginseng, and botanical extracts to brighten, nourish, and treat your skin.  

While I love Pixi Glow Tonic because of its oxygenating tonic that helps to firm and tighten my sensitive aging skin, Pixi Glow Tonic is a cult favorite toning fluid for all ages. This must-have skin treat won Teen Vogue's 2017 Acne Product Award and is now available at chic shops such as AnthropologieRESOLVE, and Urban Outfitters! Pixi products are also available at and Target online and in stores. {Shopper tip: Save with limited-time free shipping offers being offered at RESOLVE and Urban Outfitters or in-store pickup.}

2. MoisturizeTo achieve a radiant glow it is essential to hydrate your skin after cleansing and toning. I like Pixi's H20 Skindrink which is a light gel moisturizer formula that absorbs into the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. It also works great as a foundation primer and can be applied both day and night.

Who doesn't love a good serum? Pixi's Overnight Glow Serum is a concentrated exfoliating gel formulated with 10% glycolic acid. Use it as your nightly go-to treatment to reveal a more even and radiant skintone overnight or use it as a booster on the T-zone or as a blemish treatment. 

Pixi Jasmine Oil Blend is an exquisite oil that helps skin recover from loss of moisture and dullness, as well as calm and restore stressed and unblanced skin. Use after serums, before moisturizing, or mix a drop in with your other skincare rituals like cleanser or moisturizer. Use daily as needed.   

For when you are physically or mentally tired and you need immediate anti-fatigue skin relief, check out Pixi's Glow-02 Oxygen Mask. This mask is a miracle two minute oxygen treatment mask that revives dull, tired skin. Use twice a week or before a big to give your skin an extra boost. Apply after cleansing for best results.

3. RefreshWhat I love most about Pixi Glow Mist is that it can be used any time of the day or night whenever you need to freshen makeup or you just want a quick pick-me-up. The misting spray is enriched with 13 natural oils plus propolis, aloe vera and fruit extracts to protect and nourish your face, neck, and hair. Yes, even your hair can reap the benefits of this nourishing medley! Shake the bottle, close your eyes, depress the pump, and spritz your face, neck, and hair! The cool mist is especially refreshing on a hot day and gives a luminous glow. 

Along with these skin care tips to restore, revive and reveal your radiance, it is important to eat right, drink water regularly, get plenty of sleep, and exercise in order to achieve a positively healthy glow both inside and out.

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Get A Summer Glow With NEW Pixi Pretties Collection

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One of the absolute favorite parts of my job is trying so many amazing new products and sharing them with you! Well, today is one of those days where I get to introduce you to NEW limited edition palettes from Pixi Beauty! The palettes I'm sampling today, however, are different in that three lucky beauty bloggers were given the amazing opportunity to create their very own Pixi dream products. That's right. The palettes bear their names and are a dream come true for beauty bloggers! Can you imagine participating in collab where you help create a makeup palette named after you or your blog? I'm so happy for these fine, young influencers!

Pixi Beauty was kind enough to send Style, Decor & More a large #pixipretties boxed set to commemorate its special influencer collaboration! The presentation is pure perfection and photos don't do it justice. It is difficult to capture size from a photo, but for reference, the display box is about 3' in length!  

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 All opinions are 100% my own.

Have you ever wanted to change your hair color but were afraid of making a 'permanent' commitment? Well, what if I told you that you CAN easily change your hair color and rinse it out whenever you wish without damaging your hair!? 

Thanks to Roux Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color Rinse and Color Styling Mousse products you can temporarily change the color of your hair without the long-lasting commitment of semi- or permanent hair dyes. In other words, if you want to try the latest platinum-silver trend, boost the vibrancy of your current hair color or spice up brown tresses, you can have all the fun without being loyal to one shade. If you don't like a color, simply rinse it out!  

No mix, no rinse, no fuss, no risk.