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How To Get Healthy, Thick Hair At Any Age

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Everyone wants healthier, thicker, and stronger hair. Fortunately, we are lucky to be living during a time when we are focusing more on our health, and breakthroughs in science are leading to amazing beauty products that deliver on their promises of voluminous, shiny tresses.


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Hey ladies! I hope you are all doing well. It seems like forever since I've posted on my blog and I really didn't realize how much I miss it. In all these times of uncertainty and distress, I have been busy immersing myself in cooking new dishes, growing herbs & vegetables, sewing, organizing closets, etc. It is strange that I now find solace in what I used to view as dreaded household tasks. Taking care of my family and home has been very therapeutic as I navigate through my new normal. 

Beat The Heat: How To Stay Cool & Protect Your Skin From The Sun

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Spending time outdoors is a top priority in summer, but so is avoiding the heat and damaging effects from the sun! Here are our top tips for staying cool and protecting your skin when outdoors.

How To Stay Cool 
1. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
2. Immerse yourself in the water at a pool or beach.
3. Find shade and hope for a nice breeze.
4. Cool towels, ice cubes, and ice packs are great for cooling body temperatures in extreme heat.

EMMA Beauty: A Vegan and Cruelty-Free Nail Polish Brand with A Focus On Fashion and Style

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The desire for beautiful nails has triggered a global market booming with vast assortments of nail polish finishes and endless shades to fancy our fingertips. Unfortunately, not all nail polish brands are created equal and that's why it is important to be an educated consumer and read the labels. In fact, some nail polish brands contain toxic and potentially hazardous ingredients that can lead to possible health risks. And if that weren't bad enough, many brands still test on animals too, which is why you want a nail polish brand that is PETA-certified.

Cool Off with 15 Delicious Homemade Popsicle Recipes!

When the weather turns hot outside, there is nothing more refreshing than a popsicle. That's why we decided to share 15 easy, homemade popsicle recipes from our favorite blog buddies. These ice pops are sure to please and will help you beat the heat this summer.

Back-To-School Styling Tips To Maximize Your Wardrobe

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Summer always seems to fly by and before you know it, back-to-school season is upon us and it is time to prepare for the start of another school year. And while some teens might get a little anxious at the thought of returning to school and homework, my daughter finds she feels better when she goes shopping for back-to-school clothes.

Clothes shopping is a perfect way to spend quality time together, have a little mother-daughter bonding time, and calm any back-to-school jitters. My daughter and I like shopping at Kohl's. I love to score a great deal and Kohl's rewards, coupons, and Kohl's Cash help me to maximize my savings. My daughter loves Kohl's because she is a fan of Candie's. Candie's is a young women's clothing and accessories brand that began in 1981 and soared to popularity with their high-heeled wood bottom slide. Back in the '80s, every girl in my high school owned a pair of bell-bottom jeans and Candie's iconic shoes - including me! So, when I see my daughter wearing Candie's fashion pieces, it brings back fond memories and makes me smile. 

How To Keep Your Home And Delivery Packages Safe

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We've all heard the saying "Home is where the heart is." Home is a place where we feel safe and warm and are surrounded by those we love. It's family and friends coming together and making memories. And so, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we would want to do just about anything within reason to protect our homes.  

Ironically, as I sat down to write this post on my experience with Panasonic's HomeHawk Front Door Home Monitoring Camera and to stress the obvious safety reasons for having a home surveillance system, there was a local TV news story warning viewers that the number of home delivery packages being stolen was on the rise. They even have a name for the thieves, referring to them as "porch pirates."  Yes, I had heard of packages being stolen in the past, but I was a little surprised to hear they were stealing packages in the middle of summer. I assumed this sort of thing happened only around the holidays. Well, now I know better.

There is no doubt that homes with security cameras are a strong deterrent for criminal mischief and provide the homeowner peace of mind.

Monitoring your home from anywhere has never been easier.

Slip Into Luxurious Comfort with Elegant Strand

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Oooh...There's nothing quite like the feeling of slipping into comfy, cozy sheets at the end of a long, exhausting day. It instantly places the mind and body into an elevated form of relaxation and prepares the body for slumber. Maybe that is why quality bed sheets are synonymous with luxury and four-star hotels that like to boast of fine bedsheets for a better night's sleep?  

Eco-friendly Apparel: prAna Is A Beautiful Path To Greener Living

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Being mindful of the fashion choices we make is one of the first steps to a path of greener living. Purchasing eco-friendly clothing and creating a wardrobe of classic and sustainable essentials, simplifies our lives and benefits the environment. Fashion is not about the latest trendy top that falls apart after a few washings, but the quality clothing you will have for many, many years and, hopefully, pass down to your children.

I've recently tried two fresh pieces from prAna. More than an online boutique for yoga clothing, prAna is a way of life that is synonymous with sustainable and ethical fashion. Their mission is to inspire healthy, active, and free-spirited living by producing garments that are made with love, and health minded and eco-minded materials. Naturally grown, naturally versatile organic cotton and hemp grown in China are just a few of the sustainable sources prAna uses. 

I'm obsessed with prAna's ultra versatile Amelie dress and feel every woman needs this simple black dress! The eco-friendly blend is super soft, comfy, and figure flattering. It can be dressed up or down and takes me from a day at the beach to dinner and a movie in the evening.  It is thick enough that it isn't see-through, but light enough to be a traveler's dream. I like the bra-friendly tank straps, too. Create your own style by adding accessories, putting on your favorite pair of shoes, and you're off in style.

Fashion Focus: What's Your Personal Style Sense? 5 Tips to Find Out

The most important thing about personal style is consistency. If you look at all the fashion icons, vintage or contemporary, you’ll instantly observe how recognizable they are. Think of Jackie O. Instantly, her impeccable suits and hat combinations come to mind. Her pearl necklace and her eyewear, her long gloves, and her sensible heels. Now step into the time machine and land in Bjork’s apartment. You’re probably picturing her in a surreal outfit, maybe even the infamous Swan Dress she wore in 2001 at the Academy Awards.

Search, don’t settle

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A well defined personal style starts with the confidence that you’ve found what works best for you. This is often a game of hit and miss, but in order to know who you are, you often have to try more styles on for size. Research a bit of fashion history, or else you risk having a really narrow picture of what you can become. Try to understand your tastes before you settle into them -- if you’re a big fan of capri pants, try to see the reason behind that. Is it because of those 90s videos you love watching over and over again? Or do you think they work for your silhouette? Either reason can give you more insight into what you want to be and what your style is.

Many people go through “phases” only to finally discover themselves, and that’s great. When you’re looking comfortable in anything you’re wearing, you’ve probably found your style and the search is over.