Style, Decor & More: How To Retrieve Your Site Images From Photobucket - FREE

How To Retrieve Your Site Images From Photobucket - FREE

Hey everyone! If you are reading this article, you are probably like me and woke up Saturday morning to 'spam' plastered all over your site. That's what I thought it was and I had no idea what was happening! I frantically yelled out to my tech-wizard son, "I have been hacked!" Thankfully, he realized I had not been hacked and that Photobucket had taken my photos HOSTAGE! (Shame on you, Photobucket!) The good news is, my son was able to retrieve my photos WITHOUT PAYING THE RIDICULOUSLY HIGH RANSOM!!! 

My son wrote step-by-step instructions to retrieve your photos: 

1. Go to and type in your website. 

2. Choose a date when your website was not affected by Photobucket. You may want to go back a week or two.  

3. Once you select a date, you can click on the day of the month and it should bring you to another page. 

4. You should see how your website normally would look with images. Save all those images from the page by right clicking and click "save image as." 

5. After saving all your work in a new folder, Go to any image hosting website other than Photobucket, of course... I prefer uploading them using Blogger which is (Google). 

Image Example: 

Click on the "image" next to "Link," and the image below will come up: 

Make sure you are in HTML mode and not Compose mode. 
Select HTML. Example: 

Choose your files and upload them. After uploading them select the images you uploaded and make sure you select "original size" then click "ok."

You will now see your images. Replace the Photobucket links with the new links. Example...

The entire .jpg link is what you want. You will see two of them select one of the two they are the same thing. 

If you need additional help, please post your comments below!  We can help each other so that WE (bloggers, web site owners, etc.) do not fall prey to this desperate act! 😃   


  1. Thanks for posting. I hope that Photobucket goes under.

  2. It worked. Thank you. There is no way I was going to pay $500 to get my images.

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