Style, Decor & More: Style Report: How To Wear Green In Style On St. Patty's Day

Style Report: How To Wear Green In Style On St. Patty's Day

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With St. Patrick's Day coming up soon, I wanted to share three different inspiration style boards that incorporate green for0 St. Patty's Day style! I already know what some of you are thinking...You don't like wearing the color green. Well, if you are not a fan of green, you can still pull off the look by choosing one green piece for your St. Patty's Day and holiday ensembles. One such article can be a pair of green denim jeans. It can be worn all year long when paired with seasonal colors: pastels in summer, golden tones in fall, and over-sized ivory sweaters in winter. 

Add a leopard accessory such as a scarf, belt, or shoes to kick it up a notch and make your outfit pop! There are plenty of fashion faux pas outfits out there on St. Patty's Day. Make sure you are not the person who is dressed like a leprechaun in a green ensemble from head to toe. Soften your St. Patty's Day look by wearing white or a bright colored shirt with green denim. A black blazer with a green shirt, a pastel pink ensemble with green accessories, or a leopard print scarf with a green blouse or denim pants creates a fashionable and festive ensemble that is not overdone. Green and nude are trending right now and two colors I absolutely adore together! 

Are you a fan of green? Try it out this year! You may discover you enjoy adding a green item to your wardrobe. 




  1. I love wearing green. Thanks for the tips to not overdo it on St. Pat's day. I usually go crazy with green hair and all.

    1. Hi Mariah! I bet your green hair looks awesome!
      I'm glad you liked the tips and thanks for stopping by!
      xoxo, nancy

  2. Great tips. Green is one of those colors that can flatter or flop.

  3. I am a red head and own several articles of clothing that are green. I can see where some people can't pull it off, but I love the color.

  4. Hi Gerri! I bet you look amazing when you wear the color green! I'm green with envy! lol


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