Style, Decor & More: Celebrate Spring: 7 Simple Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Celebrate Spring: 7 Simple Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

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Spring is one of my absolute favorite times of the year! Warmer weather is finally here in Ohio and it feels great to open the windows and breathe fresh air! However, it doesn't end there. In order to transition from a cozy, winter vibe to a springtime fresh feeling, I welcome spring into my home with these simple and easy tips:  
1. Declutter. The first thing you will want to do is walk through your home with two large garbage bags. Mark one bag "DONATE" and the other "TRASH." As you go through the rooms of your house, donate or throw away items you no longer want and have not used in the last two years. Chances are if you haven't used an item in two years, you probably don't need it and won't miss it. 

Every flat surface in my home attracts clutter. To clear away stacks of paper on desks and tabletops, scan copies of receipts, bills, newspaper articles, etc., onto your computer. Any important documents that require a hard copy, should be placed in a clearly marked file and put away in a lock box or filing cabinet. I really like this gold wall storage catchall that would keep clutter at bay and fit nicely in a mudroom, entryway, or home office.

2. Add Fresh Pillows and Linens. Accent pillows instantly update a room by adding texture, color, pattern, and style. Use crisp white, pastel or bright-colored pillows to create a sweet spring vibe in the family room or bedroom. Also, switch out flannel sheets and heavy bedding with crisp white linens and comforters. Lightening the visual load in your room will make your space appear bright, fresh, and clean. 

3. Scented Oils. When spring temperatures are too chilly to open windows, keep your home smelling springtime fresh with floral and citrus essential oils, like citrus blossom and lavender

Stylish diffuser picks: The Serene House Aroma Diffuser and Gurunanda Crystal Diffuser

4. Add Plants and Flowers. Plants and flowers are an easy and inexpensive way to breathe life into a room. Celebrate the warm weather with spring florals and fresh botanical beauty. Check out my decorative do-it-yourself vase tutorial that will add a touch of glam to your blooming arrangements! This DIY also works well with potted plants that are in ceramic or plastic containers.

5. Use Mirrors and Wall Art. It goes without saying that a fresh coat of paint on the walls of any room can do wonders to freshen your home, but since painting isn't exactly "simple," I did not include it in this post.  Decorative mirrors and colorful wall art, on the other hand, are easy and simple ways to freshen your home. Mirrors reflect light and make a room brighter and appear larger. They also add texture and color much in the same way wall art does. 

6.  Warm Weather Decor. Decorate your family room, bedroom or bathroom with a fun, warm-weather theme. A nautical, beach, or tropical design will instantly create a relaxing vibe. Some of my favorites are open cane seating, exotic plants, and pineapple decorations, but always use what makes YOU happy. 

7. Freshen Front Door Decor.  Freshen the facade of your home with a floral wreath, welcome mat, and stylish planters filled with blooming perennials.




  1. Great tips and I am crazy about all of your fresh picks!

  2. My home could use an update. I really like the pillows you chose and the front door decor.

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I appreciate you stopping by! :)

  3. I love to use plants and flowers at this time. Everything looks more beautiful. Love it too much!

    1. Hi Rayanne, I love plants and flowers too! I have some plants that didn't do well over the winter and I'm trying to bring them back to life!
      Happy Spring! :)

  4. Adorable! I'm going to make that vase. I have the washi tape in a funky black white pattern and it will match my decor. Awesome tips!

    1. I'm so happy you are going to try it! The black and white pattern will probably look amazing! Please share a photo when you are done! Email me!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks for the great tips! You've inspired me to decorate with florals this spring and summer. The pillows and your vase are beautiful!

  6. Informative post. Spring is such an exciting time of the year; The days are starting to get longer, the temperature is warming up and new life is sprouting everywhere. Embrace the change in season by ditching all the heavy winter stuff to make way for light, airy spring everything.


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