Style, Decor & More: 5 Style Tips For Holiday & Valentines Day Lingerie Online

5 Style Tips For Holiday & Valentines Day Lingerie Online

Every year, the lingerie market explodes with new styles to match the annual increased demand for special lingerie to wear during the holiday season in December and on Valentine’s Day. Buying themed lingerie is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit and spice up your familiar lingerie collection with new, playful pieces.

Most women know that shopping for lingerie online is a challenge at any time; finding high-quality, attractive pieces that fit you well, flatter your body shape, and make you feel confident at the same time is never an easy feat. Shopping for holiday-themed lingerie adds another dimension of difficulty to the online lingerie shopping process. Beyond normal issues of sizing and style, the sudden significant influx of new themed lingerie pieces around the holiday season makes shopping for holiday lingerie overwhelming.

Searching through these new styles can be fun and exciting, too. Don’t let your trepidation about online holiday lingerie shopping prevent you from finding sexy themed lingerie. Instead, keep reading to learn how to shop smart this holiday season for lingerie pieces that both you and your partner will love.

1. Expand Your Definition of Lingerie

Not every woman enjoys wearing revealing lingerie pieces in the bedroom. The intimate styles you like to wear is a matter of personal preference; it all depends on what makes you feel like the best, most confident version of yourself. Lingerie is not limited to skimpy bra sets and sheer bodysuits, especially during the holiday season.

If you aren’t interested in wearing traditional sexy lingerie, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on shopping for holiday-themed intimates. Many lingerie collections designed for Christmas or Valentine’s Day include less revealing pieces like long chemises, silk loungewear sets, full-coverage panties, etc. Remember that whether something is sexy is subjective; you can look and feel sexy in a full holiday-themed pajama set if it makes you feel confident. Look through this guide to Valentine’s Day lingerie shopping to discover the endless possibilities you have for V-Day intimates.
2. Shop for a Look 

You don’t have to search for just one perfect piece that is everything you’re looking for in holiday lingerie; that’s a lot of pressure to put on just one item. You are likely to have more success with holiday lingerie online shopping if you expand your search range and aim to find several pieces and accessories to create a full look.

Look for different pieces that have different colors, styles, materials, and textures to add interest and variation to your look. Don’t underestimate the power of accessories; they can act as eye-catching focal points that draw attention to your lingerie and your figure while creating a fun and flirty finish for your look. Look through the ten best online stores for Valentine’s Day lingerie to find reputable sources for quality pieces that can help you put together a full sexy V-Day look. 

3. Prioritize a Great Fit 

The number-one most important thing to consider before buying any new lingerie piece is not color, style, or material; it’s fit. If the lingerie you buy doesn’t fit you well and flatter your figure, you won’t feel comfortable or confident in it no matter how gorgeous the piece itself.

It’s difficult to make sure you’re buying the right size when you shop for lingerie online because you can’t try pieces on before you buy them. When you’re shopping for holiday-themed pieces that you want to be able to wear during a certain season or on a specific day, buying pieces in the right size the first time around is especially important. Going through an exchange process wastes a large part of the limited time period when you can wear your holiday lingerie. Use this collection of tips from lingerie experts from luxury lingerie brand HauteFlair to find helpful information on how to shop for lingerie that will really fit you well.

4. Keep it Simple 

A major misconception about holiday lingerie is that these themed lingerie styles are all extremely complex, flashy, and over-the-top. On the contrary, most lingerie designers that create holiday collections include several simple, no-nonsense pieces and sets to appeal to the many women who prefer lingerie with a classier, more subtle finish.

When you prefer lingerie styles that are more simple, you also have more options because you’re not limited exclusively to pieces in themed holiday collections. You can easily create your own holiday lingerie look using simple pieces that most lingerie brands offer. Look for red, emerald green, or sparkly silver pieces to create a festive look for the Christmas season or lacy pink styles for a delicate Valentine’s Day lingerie look.

5. Try New Styles

Keeping the lingerie you buy simple is a great way to make sure that you feel comfortable when you wear it. However, if you’re looking for an excuse to try new lingerie styles that aren’t a part of the familiar collection in your closet, shopping for holiday-themed lingerie is the perfect time to branch out from your comfort zone. The holiday lingerie market is filled with sexy, daring styles that will shock your partner in the best way possible. If you’re looking for ideas, check out this Valentine’s Day lingerie gift guide for the 2018 season. 

However, It’s important to stay realistic when shopping for lingerie—or any clothing—that doesn’t fit with your usual style. It’s easy to get caught up in choosing sexy, scandalous pieces that look exciting just because they’re so different from the lingerie you’re used to wearing. If you want to switch things up with your holiday-themed lingerie but don’t want to completely leave your comfort zone, you can create a compromise. While you’re shopping, pick out multiple lingerie pieces that you can wear together to create one look. Choose a piece in a bolder style that’s new for you—like a sheer mesh teddy—but stick with variations of familiar styles for the other pieces you buy. A blend of familiar and new pieces allows you to create an adventurous look that still makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Bio: Shaylie Foley is an author and fashion expert at, an online luxury lingerie company based in New York.


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