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I Got Tested! My Skin Care DNA Revelation!

Disclosure: I received a HomeDNA Collection Kit sample and lab services were waived. 

The results are in! As you may recall, a few weeks ago I received a HomeDNA Collection Kit for Skin Care, which is an easy at-home genetic testing kit that uses the insights from genetic information, to help you take better care of your skin. The registration and retrieval process (swabbing) took no more than 15 minutes to complete, and the step-by-step instructions were very easy to follow. After I registered online, swabbed my cheeks and mailed my samples in a self-addressed envelope provided in the kit, all I had to do was wait for the results. 

A few days ago I received an 11-page scientific Skin Care Analysis & Report! There's an incredible amount of information in the report and it is nothing short of amazing to have everything you could ever want to know about skin's DNA, literally at your fingertips! And after spending time reading through all the material, I felt empowered with knowledge of how to better care for my skin.

The report included seven skin care categories:

1) Fine Lines & Wrinkles
2) Collagen Quality
3) Skin Sensitivity
4) Pigmentation
5) Sun Protection
6) Skin Elasticity
7) Skin Antioxidants

Within each category there are customized recommendations for topical ingredients, supplements, and professional treatments, all of which are based on your personal DNA results

For example, Category 4 examines skin elasticity. Elasticity is the skin's ability to stretch and go back to its original state. As we age, elasticity can decrease due to bodily processors that may weaken the collagen support fibers. Since I'm over 50, I wasn't too surprised to see that Gene At 22Q12.3 for Collagen Depreciation was lower than the global average and nonideal. My results show that I have an increased level associated with this activator. So, now what? That's where the report's recommendations come into the picture (LOVE it!). 

The report notes the topical ingredients recommended for skin elasticity, such as Beta Glucan (promotes collagen synthesis and skin elasticity), Lipoic Acid (Reduces enzymes responsible for elasticity breakdown), White or Green Tea Extract (Reduces enzymes responsible for elasticity breakdown), and Vitamin E in a-tocopherol form (Protects collagen by reducing enzymes responsible for elasticity breakdown). There are more topical ingredients suggested, but I wanted to provide a few as examples.

Some of the supplement ingredients include Alpha Lipoic Acid (Helps maintain collagen's structional formation), Soy Isoflavones (Can help reduce the enzyme responsible for elasticity breakdown, and Lycopene (Protects collagen and elastin from breakdown). Again, this is just a sampling of what is recommended. 

The professional treatments include Skin Needling (Increases cellular turnover and collagen production), LED Light Therapy (Reduces the enzyme responsible for elasticity breakdown), and Radio Frequency/IR (Increases collagen production). And no, they didn't suggest a facelift. 😊   

Keep in mind that all of the information above (and that's not all of it), is from ONE CATEGORY! There are six more categories with much more information, too!  I found the Sun Protection category especially interesting and helpful, but if I get started on that category, we just might have to camp here for the night. {smile}    

The report clearly shows which genes are functioning at an optimal level and which genes are functioning at a nonideal level. I honed in on the two areas where I had 'nonideal' genes, and can clearly see that Category 4: Skin Elasticity, collagen depreciation (Gene At 22Q12.3) and Category 6: Collagen Quality, collagen fiber formation (Gene at 17Q21.33) are areas where I need to take action.    

I absolutely LOVE and recommend HomeDNA's Skin Care Collection Kit. I never could have imagined the wealth of information I would be given about my skin - all from a cheek swab! 

If you are ready to unlock your skin's potential through genetics, the HomeDNA Collection Kit can be purchased at a CVS near you for only $99. The standard lab fee for Skin Care DNA testing is $79! It's an amazing price when you think about the scientific information provided from an accredited DDC Laboratory. The kit is truly revolutionary and it is so exciting to learn so much about your skin. If you decide to try HomeDNA, please come back and share! 



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