Style, Decor & More: Beach Bound: Your Must-Have Spring Break Items

Beach Bound: Your Must-Have Spring Break Items

Aloha! ‘Tis the season! We are now into the spring break season and warm weather is on the horizon. Congratulations you’ve made it through the winter cold and you deserve to soak up the sun like Sheryl Crow. Whether you’re spending spring break on vacation, a cruise ship, the beach or relaxing at home – there are a few things that you need in your life this spring break season! This is the time we all take a break from our busy lives and relax. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re enjoying yourself. Experience something new, eat yummy food, read a book, explore nature, watch a movie and enjoy what this beautiful world has to offer. Take a trip somewhere serene or have a peaceful staycation in your own city. Here are ten items you need for your spring break essentials:

1.      Victoria’s Secret Pink Fresh & Clean Vacay Body Mist
The new body mist scent from Victoria’s Secret Pink smells amazing! The Fresh & Clean Vacay is the new scent you need in your life. It smells tropical, crisp, floral and sexy. It’s a light scent, not too strong or overbearing. There is a nice hint of citrus. An added bonus: it has aloe added in it. The design of the bottle is cute too, it’s Hawaiian glam and surfer noir. You’ll feel like you’re on the beach even if you’re not. This is the perfect scent to wear when you’re on spring break, as well as afterwards; that way you will still look and smell like you’re on the beach.

2.      Chanel Beach Bag & Towel
Chanel is always to die for! They have vibrant and fun, beach bags with matching towels inside. These are soft and playful. It’s the perfect essential to take with you to the beach or the pool. They have a variety of colors to choose from such as pink, blue and yellow-orange. Now you don’t have to stress about finding the right sized bag to carry all of your beach essentials in. Chanel is always in style!

3.   The Girl On The Train
The book that you need in your life is The Girl on the Train! Whether it’s spring break or not, you need to read this. It’s the thriller that shocked the world. The story revolves around a woman, Rachel, who is struggling to find herself and figure out her life after her divorce. As many of us do, she commutes daily for work. On her train ride one day, she sees something happen to the couple she likes watching from the window of the train. This mystery, thriller is relatable and witty. It makes for the perfect beach read or the novel that you take with you as your companion while you sit poolside. This #1 New York Times bestseller will have you hooked and you won’t be able to put it down. (Good thing you’re on spring break and won’t have to wake up early.) Once you finish, watch the film depiction that is also very good! It stars Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux and is amazing!

4.      Digital Camera
The greatest treasures in life are our memories with our families and friends. Whether you are away on a vacation or are having a low-key night, capture the moment with photos. Surround yourself with pictures of the people you love in your life. Snap some selfies, capture good times spent with your loved ones and use your artistic abilities for photography. Scenic photography is amazing. Invest in a high quality camera that will be paying off for the rest of your lives.
5.      Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess
The important thing on spring break, is to look like a glowing goddess and be confident. The Estée Lauder bronze goddess is a wonderful bronzer to use. It’s silky and luxurious. It gives you a natural glow and you will shine without an oily look. It looks like you’ve been kissed by the sun, which is what you’re in search of on spring break! Put this makeup over your face, shoulders and décolletage for a nice tan. It is oil free, won’t clog your pores and has been dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

6.      Swimsuits
Hello bombshell! Spring break is all about swimsuits. Right now especially, there are so many different styles for you to wear. It’s best to have a two piece and a one piece in your wardrobe to give yourself different options. You never know what you may be in the mood for or what the occasion will be, so always be prepared and over-packed. Get yourself a few different pairs of swimsuits with a wide variety of colors, cuts, styles and you’ll be feeling confident and chic.

7.      Surya Brasil Sapien Women Shave Gel
Part of completing your beach body as a lady, involves shaving your legs. On spring break you’ll be wearing swimsuits, dresses and shorts. To keep your legs silky, moisturized and smooth – the best shaving gel to use is the Surya Brasil brand of shave gel. The best part about these products are that they are all natural and vegan. They’re free from BHT, EDTA, parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic fragrance. It’s also cruelty free and smells of fresh citrus.

8.      Kenra Hair Products
Let your hair down! It’s important to take care of your hair so it stays healthy, hydrated, shiny and full of volume. When styling hair with hair tools, it’s important to use a heat protectant. The hot spray from Kenra is perfect for protecting and finishing your gorgeous locks. The silkening mist from the Kenra platinum collection brings a brilliant shine instantly. Don’t just add hairspray to keep your strands of hair in place, add shine to them for a glowing and vibrant appearance. The great thing about Kenra products as well, is that there is no animal testing. Trust me, your hair will look like it belongs in a hair commercial on television. You’ll be feeling like Rapunzel after using these products on your hair!

9.      Joico K-Pak Hair Hydrator
The best treatment to use for your hair is the intense hydrator from Joico K-Pak. It’s a bio-advanced peptide complex. This hydrating treatment restores moisture to dry or damaged hair, seals cuticles, creates shine, improves manageability and elasticity. All you have to do is apply it to your damp hair, leave it in for five minutes and then rinse it out. It doesn’t take long and the results will last a long time. Get your hair ready for spring break.

10.  Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen
Fun in the sun! You can enjoy your time outside in the sunlight, while soaking up that Vitamin D. However; it’s important to protect and hydrate your skin and use sunscreen. The Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration mist spray sunscreen has broad-spectrum protection, with botanicals, to keep the moisture in your skin while you’re exposed to the sunrays. The Hawaiian Tropic prevents sunburn, and decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging. You can enjoy the sunshine, without the harmful risks. The best part is that this has a luxurious scent, texture and look.

Katie Gray is a Marymount Manhattan College alum with degrees in Communication & Media Arts and Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. She is a New York City based freelance writer, journalist and reporter. She has had jobs and internships with: Marie Claire, Fox News, 5W Public Relations, NY1 News, Bloomingdale’s flagship, Cumulus Media with radio stations NASH FM & PLJ, Tribeca Film Festival and New York Fashion Week with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Her work has been featured in print and online publications: Brooklyn Reporter, Cupid’s Pulse, The Daily Meal, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Center for Communication, Bensonhurst Bean, and more. You can find her on her website: for more. 


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