Style, Decor & More: Surprise! This Goodie Box Could Be Yours to Review!

Surprise! This Goodie Box Could Be Yours to Review!

Do you love surprises? I do! There's nothing quite like the feeling of receiving a surprise package delivered right to your door! And I know, because that's what happened to me when I received a Goodie Box in the mail! I couldn't wait to open it and discover all the goodies inside! I'm like a kid openning a present! 

This month's Goodie Box contained the items listed below: 

The Chia Co - Chia Shots 10 Pack - Chia is the highest plant based source of Omega 3, fiber and protein. It's also loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I sprinkle the chia seeds on my homemade fruit 'ice cream' and love it! Get creative and mix in salads, soups, smoothies, etc. Enjoy! 

Quest Nutrition - Cinnamon Cereal Protein Bar. The essence of sweet cinnamon goodness is captured in every bite! BEYOND cereal is made from protein! The Quest “Beyond Cereal” Bar has all the sweet, comforting crunch of a junk food cereal bar, but with the incredible nutritional profile you know you can expect from Quest.

SmartyPants - Adult Probiotic Complete - Trust your gut. SmartyPants includes nutrients that are hard for some people to get consistently from food. It's yummy, too!

Bits'y Brainfood - Orange Chocolate Beet Smart Cookies - An organic treat for kids in bite-sized alphabet shapes. Excellent source of Vitamins A, B6, B12, D3 and folic acid.  

DudeProducts - Quick DUDE Shower Wipes - A fast and effective way for 'dudes' to stay fresh on-the-go. Great for campers, hikers and men who travel.
Protes - Tangy Southern BBQ Chips - 15g of protein and 0g of guilt. These vegan chips will satisfy your cravings, but not mess with healthy eating.

Darrell Lea - Strawberry Flavor Liquorice - This liquorice is so soft, tasty and satisfying. Made with fine ingredients since 1927. I found these at my local grocery store last week!  
Älsa - Energy Drink Mix - The healthy energy drink mix, Älsa is smarter, steady energy with Cognizin® citicoline for mental clarity and PURENERGY® for a long-lasting boost. Three refreshing vegan and gluten-free flavors: Dragon Fruit, Pomegranate Blueberry, and Three Citrus

Natralia - Anti-itch Soothing Cream - This fast-acting cream calms and soothes irritation and rashes caused by insect bites, sunburn, poison oak, ivy, and sumac, and eczema. Suitable for children, too!

Crunchmaster - Multi-Crackers - Crunchmaster is committed to making gluten free foods that please your taste buds. They select high quality ingredients for their Crunchmaster crackers and bake them just right for an incredible, satisfying crunch. Save $1.00 and receive valuable coupons! See the Crunchmaster site for more information. 

How would YOU like to receive a FREE Goodie Box? (U.S. residents only) If you enjoy trying new products and would like to share your opinion after trying them, fill out the form HERE! If you qualify and a Goodie Box is available, you will receive unique, full sized products absolutely FREE! There's no catch. They even pay for shipping! All they want is your opinion/review of the products. After you have sampled these full-sized products, come back and tell about it, HERE. It's a super fun way to discover the newest and coolest products and brands without ever having to leave your house!


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I hope I can get one of these boxes to review. I'm not sure if I qualify, but I'll try.

  2. I have to check this out. I would love to sample these products.

  3. I like free samples. Do I have to have a certain number of followers?


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