Style, Decor & More: Felt Ornaments with Gold Detailing {DIY}

Felt Ornaments with Gold Detailing {DIY}


This holiday season, I’ve been a big fan of rustic-glam for all of my décor needs. You may have already seen my Twine-WrappedOrnaments and let me tell you, they are looking quite fabulous on my Christmas tree (which I proudly put up by the first week of December!).

After analyzing my tree’s overall look, I decided that the brown twine needed to be complemented by something bright and full of shine. I’ve always been a big fan of felt ornaments: I love the different texture they offer and not to mention, how they’re a lot safer to have around kids. Growing up, my mother would often use glass ornaments. Though they were beautiful, they were so fragile and would shatter in an instant. For my own tree, I decided to go for something a little less traditional and a little more practical.

I came up with my Felt Ornaments with Gold Detailing and boy, was it ever so easy to put together. Now that we’ve already reached December, I didn’t want to spend too much time focusing on one project: there’s enough going on as it is. You’ll see that the steps for these ornaments are simple but the results are impactful. If you’re looking to create a batch sophisticated-looking ornaments, these beauties are definitely worth giving a try!

Felt Ornaments with Gold Detailing

White felt
Glue gun
Cotton balls
Gold ribbon

Cut your felt into your desired shape. I opted for hearts and stars because of their simplicity and elegance. For one ornament you’ll need two felt shapes.

A little bit at a time, glue gun the edges of one felt shape and stick it onto the edge of your other felt shape. Continue doing so until you have a one-inch opening at the top of your ornament.
From the open portion of your ornament, stuff cotton balls and spread evenly inside. Once filled, seal the opening by gluing the ornament shut.

Cut strips of your gold ribbon and decorate/embellish as desired.

On the back of your ornament, glue a piece of twine (around 4-5 inches) in a loop so that you can hang your ornament off of your tree.

See how easy that was? Let me know if you give it a try for yourself!

How is your tree decorated right now? What kind of décor have you been eyeing this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great diy craft for when the kids are home from school. My kids will enjoy making them.

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  3. This looks great! I admire people who can create such things and share them with other people. All your instructions are so simple and intuitive and you don't need a lot of mental resources to assimilate these knowledge. This is a great opportunity to get academic help and to develop your hobbies.


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