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DIY Wedding with Paper Flowers

Nowadays, it seems that every wedding has some form of “DIY” incorporated into it. We know, we know: the likeliness of all weddings being “DIY-central” is extremely low, but we can’t help but gawk at how Pinterest-worthy some nuptials end up looking.

Are you planning a wedding and want to add a touch of DIY? Do you feel like you’re not crafty enough and confused as to where to begin?

Flowers are always the center of any wedding (bride aside, of course!). If you feel like your fingers are a little “craft-clumsy” then we’ve got an oh-so-easy wedding craft tutorial for you. Today, we’re going to walk you step by step on how to make your own crepe paper flowers. It’s a base tutorial so that you can get used to making paper flowers of all shapes, colors and sizes. Paper flowers are the budget-friendly alternatives to pricey florals. These days, more and more bridal couples are turning to them because of how customizable they can be.

This is what you’ll need:

1 roll of white streamers
1 roll of pink streamers
Mini wooden sticks (you can even use toothpicks)
White glue
A miniature clay pot (or any vase of your choice – depending on what size you want your flowers to be)

To make one paper flower:

1. Cut out 6 pieces of crepe paper measuring 1-inch squares each. You will have a total of 12 squares (6 white, 6 pink).

2. Set aside one square of each color. Cut the rest in heart shapes (the quickest way to do this is by folding all of them in half at once and cutting out the heart – just like you did in elementary school!)

3. Take your square pieces. Place a strip of white glue on each one about halfway up and wrap it around your wooden stick. This will act as the center of your flower.

4.  Take one of your heart-shaped pieces and place a small strip of white glue at the bottom and layer onto your wooden stick. Continue for each heart-shaped piece, alternating between colors. You can use as many or as little heart-shaped pieces as you wish. Do not worry about them being uneven – we highly encourage that you have some of the pieces be more “opened” than others, depending on how bloomed you’d like your flower to look.

You can make a few of these and place them in a miniature clay pot. These would make great alternatives to name cards (just paint each guest’s name and their table number on the pot). They could even double as a parting favor/bonbonniere.

What do you think of these paper flowers? Are they something that you would like to try out? Let us know in the comments below!

Lisa Favre is the food author behind Marble Crumbs. Lisa shares her stories that revolve around food, because every great meal holds a great story: down to the last crumb.. 


  1. These paper flowers would look nice at a casually elegant outdoor wedding.

    1. With the vast color selection of crepe paper out there, you can really customize the look too! :)

  2. Cute idea and it saves a lot of money.

  3. I only need to get the stems - I have all of the other supplies on hand from past projects.

    1. That's great, Elyse. Let us know how they turn out for you!


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