Style, Decor & More: 6 Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy When You Travel

6 Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy When You Travel

Who doesn’t like traveling to exotic places?

Not only is it fun but is good for your health and soul. Many believe that the key to happiness is visiting and absorbing the beauty of new places and meeting new people.

At a young age, traveling can be fun. You get to meet new people, enjoy different types of food and hear various languages. It teaches you to respect cultures that are unique and appreciate others.

One aspect of traveling that becomes a hassle after a certain age is taking care of yourself. Your sleep and eating habits go out the window. Almost all your daily activities go in different direction. And do you know where the effects of this show right away? Your skin!

(Skin Care Regime While Traveling)

Your skin suffers from your bad decisions especially the lack of precautions you take while traveling. One of these is maintaining a balanced diet filled with vitamins and minerals.

Do you know which vitamins are needed to keep your skin healthy and nourished? Check out this infographic.

Let’s check out some of the tips you can follow to have healthy skin while traveling.

1) Keep Track Of The Climate.
One of the most important travel skin care tips is to be aware of the kind of weather in the place you're visiting. Try to do some research on the climate and check the weather forecast so that you can decide on the things to take along while traveling to the destination.

Will you be visiting a place which has humid or dry weather?

In that case, you must prepare for skin breakouts due to humidity, moisture loss, or strong winds. If you are going to a place which has drier weather, you need to replenish lost moisture without weighing your skin down using heavy creams.

You can try lightweight moisturizers and serums. For humid weather, you need to exfoliate skin so that dead cells can be removed. Also, you try using a cleanser rich in salicylic acid.

2) Wash Your Face Before Bed.
It’s true that traveling can be exhausting. But no matter how tired you are, it is important to wash your face before hitting the sack. Whether you are in the ocean, on a plane, sightseeing or hiking; your skin is exposed to various elements and environmental factors. By washing your face, you can get rid of sweat, debris, and other infectious bacteria.

(Washing Your Face before bed helps get rid sweat and dirt)

3) Moisturizing.
The night before traveling, make sure to wash your face with warm water. Apply a moisturizing face mask, followed by hypoallergenic, intense moisturizer. Now this will lock in the moisture and assist in preventing the skin from getting dehydrated while traveling. Also, having a travel-sized moisturizer or cream in your handbag is great, and you can apply it as and when your skin feels dry.

4) Healthy Diet.
A diet filled with vitamins and minerals can make your skin glow and keep it nourished. For more information on getting the right nutrition for your skin, check out

Healthy skin starts from within, and you shouldn’t always depend on skin care products. Make sure to eat right and engage in physical activity while traveling.

(Healthy Diet For Skin)

5) Drinking Water.
It is important to remain hydrated while traveling. So, always carry a bottle of water and consume light, refreshing foods like salad and fruits whenever possible.

Try to avoid drinking alcohol and gorging on food high in sugar, fat, and salt; as these will cause further dehydration.

6) Avoid Using Harsh Beauty Products.
One of the travel tips you need to keep in mind is to avoid using harsh beauty products while or before traveling. While on the road, it is not advisable to use products that cause irritation or unexpected breakouts. Also, you need to avoid harsh peels and skin resurfacing acids or treatments which can irritate your skin.

Winding Up
Whether you are going for a family reunion, jetting halfway around the world or taking the train for a weekend gateway; traveling can be stressful. And this stress can take a toll on your skin. But there is good news.

With the beauty tips given in this article, you can face your business trip, family vacation or the weekend gateway with a smile. Who knows, you might run into George Clooney at a coffee shop and won’t need to hide.  

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  1. The airplane's recirculated air dries my skin terribly. I always drink several glasses of water every day about a week before a trip.

    1. You are right, Melanie. The recirculated air is harsh on skin.
      Glad to hear you drink a lot of water! You're a pro! Good for you!
      Have a great weekend!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ivonne!
      Have a great weekend!

  3. I will be traveling to Australia in a few months and will need to keep my skin hydrated for the long flight. Thank you.

    1. Have a wonderful time, Mary Ann. What a trip that will be! I agree. Hydration is very important when flying!
      Have a great weekend!

  4. Great skincare tips.

  5. Thanks for the tips. Traveling is tough on my skin.

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