Style, Decor & More: Plan Ahead! Back To School Shopping With Sakroots

Plan Ahead! Back To School Shopping With Sakroots

The end of summer will be here before you know it, but if you plan ahead and start your back to school shopping now, you can go back to school in style! 

A backpack will be the must-have staple you will carry with you every day, so it would be a good idea to choose one that reflects your own personal style. Luckily, the new season has redefined and reinvented this chic accessory, bringing a big range of stylish backpacks ideal for embracing back to school style throughout the year. 

A Sakroots festival-ready backpack is not only chic and trendy but functional and comfortable, too. Sakroots is a lifestyle accessories brand that demonstrates peace and harmony among all things and expresses the artist, musician and nature lover in all of us! 

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My daughter loves her Sakroots backpack for several reasons. It expresses her free-spirited, boho style and is comfortable even when it is packed with college textbooks. My daughter receives compliments all the time and said she feels like she is in a private club of sorts when she sees other girls with Sakroots backpacks.

Check out Sakroots to find your own personal backpack style. 

Sakroots Artist Circle Backpacks (Use Promo Code JULY16 at checkout!)

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  1. I love the one you're daughter is holding the most!

    1. A year later and she still loves it! I'm thrilled I don't have to buy another one! :) hee-hee
      Thanks for stopping by, Ivonne!

  2. I am a huge fan of Sakroots. The bags are beautiful!


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