Style, Decor & More: Spring/Summer Accessory Essentials

Spring/Summer Accessory Essentials

Now that the glorious spring weather is here it is time concentrate on adding a few essential accessories to glamourize your outfit. Accessories can add an extra added bit of flair into your outfit, making you look amazing and feel fashionable. Below is a list of the must have spring/summer accessory essentials to get you looking luxurious for the up and coming seasons.

The Thomas Sabo Rose Karma ladies watch is fine example of a spring and summer essential accessory. The Rose Karma watch is a complexion of rose gold and stainless steel and is finished with a skeleton arabesque bead. The dial is a combination of silver sunray and a beautifully precise rose gold detailing, showing Sabo’s attention to detail. The case is closed with a hardened, mineral glass and closed with a sapphire crystal coasting. Not only is the timepiece a masterpiece, but it is also a reflection of spring, with the white, rose gold and stainless steel complexion. 

Spring is a time for dainty necklaces and there is nothing more suited to spring than the Tiffany 1837 Circle Pendant. Tiffany’s 1837 collection is a selection of some of the finest contours, capturing ladies everywhere with its simplicity. Tiffany are known present captivating designs and what could be better suited to spring? 

Pandora are a special brand as their style is contemporary and are known to use only the highest quality materials. It is easy to see why the Pandora brand is one of the leading jewellery manufacturers, sold in over 100 countries with an incredible 1800 concept stores. Earrings are an essential when it comes to spring and are perfect for late night dinners. The Grand Pearl stud earrings are an example of Pandora’s luxurious, hand-crafted jewellery. It features luxurious freshwater cultured peals, set in sterling silver cradle. The epitome of elegance, these earrings a great when matched with rings and pendants, just you that glamourous look you deserve.

Written By Veronica Pembleton

Veronica PembletonWith several years of experience writing in fashion journalism. Veronica delves deep into the world of style, reviewing the latest trends to deliver the current collections that are taking the industry by storm.

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  1. The rose gold watch is stunning. I could really use something like this in my jewelry collection.

  2. I love the classic simplicity of the pearl earrings. They would look good with everything.


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