Style, Decor & More: Spring Beauty Trends We Love!

Spring Beauty Trends We Love!

Although the brutal winter is not yet over, spring will be here before you know it, and you know what that means: fabulous new spring beauty trends! The season is all about rebirth, so consider it your grand opportunity for reinvention after being bundled up for months in heavy sweaters and jackets. With that said, let's talk about five spring beauty trends that are classic, lovely, and perfect for the warmer months.

Bold lips

If you've been continuously applying lip balm all winter for fear of getting dry lips thanks to the cold and wind, you'll love interchanging it with bold lip shades that are ideal for complementing all the exquisite colors in nature that will soon be making an appearance. A personal favorite is almost any shade of red, but considering it's spring when all the vibrant hues are starting to reemerge, you can sport any bright shade that you desire, such as that pink or orange color you've been wanting to try.

Buns and ponytails

Since long hair can help keep your neck warm, you've likely been wearing your hair down quite a bit during the winter. There's no better time than now to start wearing it up! I'm talking buns, braids, ponytails, and any other style you love that gives your hair a lift. It's also an effortless and excellent way to go from work to workout without a fuss. If you're not particularly sure about how to do certain styles that you like, there are numerous tutorials online that make it easy to create a variety of different looks.

Hair accessories

Whether you love wearing your hair up or down, it's time to take it out from under that hood and hat and deck it out in beautiful accessories. As it's soon to be spring when flowers are in full bloom, consider a flower crown or a single flower behind your ear. You can also fancify your updo with beautiful barrettes, put on a sparkling headband, or weave little ornate bobby pins in between. 

Blue eye makeup

Blue eye makeup? Really? Yes! If you want to give it a shot for spring but you're a bit hesitant, start out slow with navy blue eyeliner. Once you're comfortable, work your way up one shade at a time and keep going as long as you desire. You could even rock some blue mascara and eye shadow. Feeling really bold? Go neon! If you're going to sport blue eye makeup, however, balance it out by going soft with your makeup on the rest of your face.

No-makeup makeup look

With the no-makeup makeup look, you're basically wearing makeup while looking like you're not really wearing any. Actually, you don't even have to wear makeup at all if you don't want. Spring is all about putting your fresh face forward. Go for neutral- and pale-colored products, such as a highlighter, bronzer, lip gloss, and/or a peach blush. A personal favorite product to use on my face to give a more dewy complexion and add moisture, especially on days when my face is feeling particularly dry and I don't feel like wearing much makeup, is a bit of Aquaphor.

Now that you know some favorite spring beauty trends, it's time to get started on planning the looks you adore for the upcoming season. Don't be afraid to experiment and try out shades and techniques that make you a bit apprehensive. You may be surprised just how fabulous you look in colors you were previously nervous about wearing. If anything, start out small and as your confidence grows, let the beauty products and styles grow with you. 

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  1. I love a bold lip with a shade that says spring!

    1. Me too, Becky! I can't wait for spring!
      Thanks for stopping by! nancy

  2. The lip and the hair trends are amazing. I'm not so sure if I can wear a blue eyeliner. It reminds me of the 80's

    1. I used to wear the blue eyeliner in the 80's too. I'm actually quite glad it's back. You can smudge it if you don't want the "liner look."
      Thanks for stopping by, Kathi!


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