Style, Decor & More: Get The Designer Look For Less!

Get The Designer Look For Less!

Love the look of this bedroom but not the designer budget? Get the look by re-creating this bedroom for a fraction of the price using the items we found below. Of course, you want to surround yourself with items YOU love and perhaps you already have similar items in your home already!  Either way, if you know the look you are after, decorating can be a lot easier!  

Shades of Gray

Choosing a paint color can be difficult even for professionals. When deciding on a wall color, remember to:

1. Consider the mood of the room. Most of us want a soothing and relaxing shade in the bedroom. Bright colors are stimulating and would not be 

2. Paint colors change throughout the day under different lighting. Place paint samples against the wall on the floor by a window. Observe the changes in color throughout the day and into the evening. Look for shades you love during every time of the day.  

3. Does the color flow from room to room? If you will be painting the bedroom, remember to choose a hue that will complement adjacent rooms. Not sure? Place paint samples in the bedroom and stand approximately 5-10' outside the bedroom door and look into the bedroom. Does the color in the hall flow with the color you have chosen for the bedroom?  

4. If you are still not sure you have selected the right paint color, paint an area on your canvas (wall) and live with it for a few days. Again, observe the color under different light conditions.

My favorite gray color choices are Silver Moon by Behr and Sherwin Williams SW6002 Essential Gray. Shhh...The Sherwin family are my neighbors, so you never saw Behr paint mentioned here, o'kay? {wink}

Below are budget-friendly finds to help you get started with your dream decor project! 

Eloise Slipper Chair, $299 (Hurry on this one!)
Abstract Rug $400
Decorative Wall Mirrors, Set of 4, $88
Curtain Panel I - $30/pair
Curtain Panel II - $40/panel

Don't forget to share your photos!
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  1. I love the affordable prices and the items you have selected. I would love to re-do my room for spring.

    1. Hi Amy! We would love to see photos if you go ahead with the project in spring!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. In love with this room. Great picks!

  3. The room is beautiful. I love the designer chairs but could only imagine how much they would cost.

    1. Yes, Becky. I think the designer chairs would be quite costly!
      Glad you like the room and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks for laying it all out and making it easier to take on the challenge of a room redo.


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