Style, Decor & More: Easy, Fun & Festive Holiday Ideas!

Easy, Fun & Festive Holiday Ideas!

There's something truly magical about the Holiday Season! I still get giddy like a child when we put up the tree and turn the lights on for the very first time. Then there are the beautiful decorations! Ahhh.... Relaxing by the fire with a decorated mantel, sipping a cup of hot cocoa and writing greeting cards to friends and relatives. It's the perfect way to spend the evening. 

Before we start getting too comfy and cozy, let's get some budget-friendly decorating and shopping done first! If you make your decorating and holiday shopping a priority, you will avoid all the hustle and bustle later. 

We've rounded up some fun and festive decorating and gift giving ideas that won't break the bank! Let's start with decorative tissue paper flowers! This is the first time I've made tissue paper poms and I love them! They are so easy to make and I've found many wonderful ways to use them throughout the house. 

The paper flowers look adorable strung together with ribbon on the mantel. I can't wait to unpack all the holiday ornaments & candles and add it to this festive decor! 

The topiary (shown below) was easily transformed into a tiny holiday tree with the help of some cherry and striped tissue paper. 

Get carried away! I've placed the adorable poms on my light fixtures and next I'm going to embellish the staircase! 

Bring the outdoors in with this simple "cherry blossom tree." For this project, I went outside and found three branches, placed them in a vase and added tiny tissue paper flowers. To make the buds, simply cut 2" tissue paper squares, pinch in the middle and twist (about a 1/2 turn). Roll a little piece of clear tape and stick it on the tree. I was surprised at how the smallest piece of tape adheres to the tree. So simple and too cute!

Hallmark has a wonderful selection of gifts for everybody on your list. From wrapping paper and cards to toys and apparel, you can find everything you need at Hallmark.

Always have at least one hostess gift on hand for those last minute get togethers or a dinner party that you may have forgotten to write down on your calendar. A spatula and tea towel set is the perfect gift to thank your hostess. 

For that someone you forgot to add to your gift list or perhaps the neighbor who does something extra special for you. Having a unisex gift on hand, like this adorable snowman mug, will save the day. It is ready to give and is a sweet Holiday gift!

Hallmark is a name synonymous with quality.  

Check out my video!

Now that you've seen all the fun ways you can use paper flowers in your home, I've provided a step-by-step tutorial below so that you can create your own beautiful poms!

1. Start with approximate 8 sheets of tissue paper layered together and use scissors to cut in half down the center of the paper. Note if you want to have color/print in the center of the flower, layer on top and bottom.

2. Begin folding accordion style down the length of the paper using approximately 1" folds. Press each fold as you go to make a defined crease in the paper.

3. Keep folding until you reach the end of the paper.

4. Grabbing a few sheets (folds) at a time, round off the ends on each side. Try to make them as even as possible to make pretty, rounded petals.

5. Fold in half to find the middle. This is important or your flower will be lop-sided. (One side bigger than the other.)

6. After rounding out your ends and finding the middle, secure tightly with fish line in the center. Tie a double knot as fish line can be slippery.

7. Fan out your flower.

8. Turn on its side (like a wheel) and begin carefully pulling out one sheet on both sides. Turn the wheel and repeat. Keep turning the wheel, pulling one sheet out on each side as you go. This can be tricky until you get the hang of it. If you pull too hard, the tissue paper will rip. I found tugging in the center worked well. 

9. Voila! You have a pretty flower! 

There you have it! Easy, fun and festive Holiday ideas! I hope you enjoyed the post and will hop on over and check out Hallmark's other amazing gifts! I'm sure you will find the perfect gift for a special teacher, a hostess, special friends, kids and family members!

Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Holidays!
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  1. You make the flowers look so easy. I will have to give these a try. I also love the hostess gift you found and will head on over to Hallmark to see if it is in my budget.

    1. Hi Amy! The flowers are easy to create. Give it a try! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. styledecor1 at gmail dot com.
      You'll be pleasantly surprised at the price of the hostess gift!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The flowers look very pretty - great job! I would try it if I had a place in mind to put them. I would also use a deep burgundy as I feel they would look real if they were darker.

    1. Deep burgundy would look lovely. If you make them, please email a photo and I'll be happy to share it on my site! :)

  3. Love your pom poms!! Hate making them myself though lol!! I did them for my sons birthday and was not having a fun time!! I just adore how they look!! I love how you Christmased up your topiary and braches too!

    1. Thanks so much, Amber. I agree making the poms can get quite tedious, especially when you have a lot to make. The bigger ones are a lot easier and take far less time! :)
      Thanks for stopping by! nancy


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