Style, Decor & More: Create A Comfy Nook for Reading!

Create A Comfy Nook for Reading!

Do you have a comfortable and quiet space in your home where you can go to relax and read a good book? Creating a nook to call your own is easy with a classic tufted arm chair and a super soft throw or pillow in your favorite color! Lately, I'm loving the rich hues of deep burgundies mixed with brushed silver metallics, and find the combination stunning!

When creating your nook, remember to surround yourself with artwork and decor that reflects your own style. You want to feel comfortable and happy in YOUR space! If you don't like to curl up in a chair and prefer to put your feet up and legs extended, add a small ottoman.     

Since you will probably be reading in the evenings, it is very important to have ample lighting. The addition of a sleek pendant light hanging over or close to your chair will add chic and modern appeal to your nook. If a ceiling fixture is not possible, use a floor lamp or taller table lamp. Lighting that reflects downward is best.   

Lastly, layer a luxurious sheepskin rug over flooring for a touch of rustic glam.

Enjoy your new found space!

Pumpkin, $11

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  1. I LOVE this space. The prices are not that bad either. Will have to put all these on my wish list.

  2. I WANT the throw and it is no longer available! Help! Where can I find it?

  3. A comfortable reading nook is great idea. The chandelier is pretty and pretty cool!


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