Style, Decor & More: Last Minute Fourth of July Centerpieces!

Last Minute Fourth of July Centerpieces!

I posted a few easy last minute centerpiece ideas last year and I've had a few readers contact me to post more this year. Sorry this is so late, but here is the original post with a few updates:

Are you entertaining this 4th of July? Take it up a notch by adding one or more of these simple, yet stylish, decor ideas to your patriotic party.  

Use stencils to draw stars onto red, white and blue duct tape. Cut out the stars and stick them onto your centerpiece pots, pails, or mason jars. I feel it is far easier to mess with duct tape at the last minute than trying to paint. The duct tape requires less time and effort - especially the stripes {smile}! My favorite! 

If you have kids who are willing to help out, have them put their artistic abilities to good use by adding food coloring to rice to create candles that will add festive ambiance to the dinner table!

Beans are even easier! If you don't have any apothecary jars, use mason jars or smaller glasses with votives!

Who doesn't love candy? These colorful decor accessories may not be around for long. Hint: You may want to put out a few small dishes with candy or your centerpieces may be devoured to nothing before the guests even arrive! That's what happens at my house. 

The festive, NON-ALCOHOLIC punch is not exactly a centerpiece, but it is pretty enough to steal the show! Be careful to read the directions and pour blue Gatorade onto the ice slowly! Find the recipe HERE!
Source for Non-Alcoholic Punch

It doesn't get any easier than this, does it?

Happy Fourth of July!
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  1. That's what I like. Realistic, easy and quick ideas! Thanks!

  2. Great ideas! I have red and blue duct tape from a prior project. Now I just need to find white pots or something and I'm good to go!

    1. Tin pales, glass vases, etc. Anything will work! Good Luck! Come back and share!
      :) Thanks for stopping by!


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