Style, Decor & More: Dry, Unmanageable Hair? Meet nuNAAT Real Me Curl-to-Coil!

Dry, Unmanageable Hair? Meet nuNAAT Real Me Curl-to-Coil!

Disclosure: I was provided a sample of Real Me products for review purposes only. All opinions expressed herein are 100% my own. Please refer to the Disclosure Policy for more details.

Hey ladies! Over the last few weeks I have been using a NEW line of products from nuNAAT, called Real Me Curl-to-Coil. This new collection was created to help those of us who have dry, unmanageable hair, and I'm sincerely loving these products.

After this brutally cold winter, my hair especially needed moisture and Real Me couldn't have arrived at a better time! Their products contains a blend of 5 natural oils extracted from nuts, fruits, and green collagen. The special blend is their Exclusive Join Complex formula prepared with natural argan, avocado, coconut, macadamia and pracaxi oils, and green collagen! It is free of all the bad stuff too! There are no sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, mineral oils or harsh chemicals! I received the entire collection to try because nuNAAT believes you should experience the full line to see the best results (see below).

Real Me Curli-to-Coil Lather Up & Hydrate Shampoo - I must admit that this shampoo took me by surprise. I was expecting a heavy, rich lather and it is actually a super light, sudsy lather that truly feels weightless on my hair! Rinses clean and is gentle enough for daily use. 

Real Me Curli-to-Coil Conditioner - This creamy conditioner feels great on my hair and does the job. It also rinses clean and leaves my hair hydrated without feeling greasy. 

Real Me Curli-to-Coil Hair Mask - I use this super thick hair mask once a week for deep conditioning and repair. As with all of the Real Me products, it rinses clean without a greasy feeling. Leaves my hair smooth and silky! 

Real Me Curli-to-Coil Perfect Do Pomade - The super thick formula of Perfect Do Pomade is surprisingly weightless on my hair. Great for twist-outs, braid-outs and other natural styles.  

Real Me Curli-to-Coil Natural Curl Activator - The Curl Activator is designed to protect and keep hair hydrated and frizz-free for an extended period of time. I found its super lightweight formula to work awesome for my frizzies!

Real Me Curl-to-Coil Pick Me Up Sheen - Love Pick Me Up Sheen! Again, super lightweight as with all of the Real Me products, and it works great! Leaves my hair shiny without weighing down my hair. My hands don't feel sticky after application either, which makes it perfect for touch ups on-the-go!  

Before revealing my results, I wanted you to first see my "before" photo. I usually blow dry my hair, and this is one of the few times I let my hair dry naturally. As you can see, my hair is thick, coarse and wavy. 
nuNAAT Real Me Curl-to-Coil

In the photo above, I am using all of the products at one time to show the products are weightless and do not leave your hair feeling greasy at all. My hair is smoother and healthier looking! Of course, you do not need to use all of the styling products at one time on your hair and should opt to use the styling products that meet the needs of your hair or a particular style you may be trying to achieve. Personally, I like to switch up the products daily.

And there you have it! The entire Real Me collection! If you are looking for products that are both hydrating and great for the health of your hair, you can't go wrong with Real Me.

To learn more about nuNAAT or to order online, visit To find nuNAAT at a retail store near you, visit Also, follow along on Facebook and Twitter for promotions and updates! 

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  1. I have very thick hair that is dry. I am hoping they sell this new line somewhere close to my home. If I can find it, I will give it a try.

    1. I hope you find it, Melanie! You can't go wrong with any of the styling products. They are all super lightweight and non-greasy! Thanks for hopping by!

  2. I can see the difference in your hair. It looks a lot smoother now.

    1. Thanks, Becky. I did have all three products in my hair. Typically, I'll switch up the three and wear 1-2 styling products (depending on the look I'm going for). Thanks for hopping by!

  3. Great results, Nancy. I can see that it is smoother and shinier. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds (and looks) like great, lightweight products. My hair tends to get weighted down and greasy looking. Got to give this a try and see what happens.

  5. I have the curliest hair ever and it is super thick. This sounds like a wonderful line for my hair. Thanks.


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