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Decorating A Spare Room: Essential Considerations

If your box room has always been more ‘box’ than ‘room’, it’s time to help it realize its potential with a nifty new makeover. It can be tricky to transform a smaller space into a fully-fledged, bonafide room, and there’s always the temptation to just fill it up with clutter. Panic not: however tiny the space, you can transform it in a flash with these top tips.

Banish the bric-a-brac
Spare suitcases, unpacked boxes of books from your last fitting, the weight machine you never use: it’s time to stow them away. Pack up the junk and send it where it belongs: the shed, the attic, the skip. If you are limited for storage space in your house, buy some sleek, stackable plastic storage containers and pack them neatly with your items, then stack against a wall.
Switch it up
Even a single bed is a large, cumbersome piece of furniture to commit to, and if you rarely have guests, you may get better use out of your spare room as an office or crafting area. Air beds are a great compromise for when you do have friends over to stay: it can be stowed neatly in one of your plastic storage boxes with some sheets and blankets for quick assembly!
Make the best of it
A tiny spare room is perhaps best utilized as a home office. If you have an awkward space to work within, consider using any alcoves for integrated shelving or to house your main working space. A giant pegboard or noticeboard can transform a wall into a practical planning area; neutral, bright colours can open up dark corners, and lighting can change your box into a pretty, nuanced, lantern of creativity.
Make it personal
The beauty of the spare room is, you can go a little wild with the decor, after all, it’s your artistic hub. Experiment with feature walls in bright colors or wallpaper them with pages from your favorite books, hang beloved musical instruments up with pride and display works of art or writing for inspiration.
Some people would love the dilemma of a whole extra room to utilize, so make the most of it. If you do have frequent overnight guests, then create the perfect haven, you might find you forget the rest of the house even exists!
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  1. I have a spare room that needs to be put to good use. Your ideas really help! I think an office would work well since I currently have my office set up in the kitchen.

    1. That would be a terrific use for a spare room. Offices can be difficult to keep clean and the kitchen is one of the first places that people tend to gather as a family and for parties. :)

  2. Great tips to keep in mind. Mine is loaded with junk that I need to purge.

  3. We sure don't room for a spare room. My grandparents use theirs as an office also, though!


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