Style, Decor & More: Keep Organized With Chalkboard Labels!

Keep Organized With Chalkboard Labels!

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Here's a quick and easy way to get organized! Use chalkboard labels on jars and containers in the kitchen pantry, utility room, garage, toy room or home office - anywhere you need to sort and keep items organized! Place school or office supplies such as scissors, pencils, and erasers, in recycled jars and create a chalkboard label! I've found jam and jelly jars are great for my sewing notions, while pickle jars work well for heavier objects, such as scissors.

Below are just a few inspirational ideas for using chalkboard labels, but the possibilities are endless! Chalkboard labels are affordable too! I found Chalkboard Label Stickers (36) on Amazon HERE for under $3 shipped

How do you keep household items organized? 

Should you decide to give chalkboard labels a try, be sure to come back and share your label organizing ideas!

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  1. Love these labels! I need to get some for my pantry! I will try to remember to send photos!

  2. I've used labels to mark my kid's toy boxes: stuffed animals, board games, electronics, and action figures Thanks, Giana


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