Style, Decor & More: Jelly Sandals! They're Back With A Twist!

Jelly Sandals! They're Back With A Twist!

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I am taking a trip down memory lane this morning. Seeing Jelly sandals takes me back to the early 1990's, when just about everybody owned a pair (or two) of jelly sandals. Personally, I never owned a pair as I couldn't get past the plastic-y look of Jellies! I chalked them up to a silly trend that would quickly fade into yesteryear. It wasn't only the PVC issue - I thought they were just down right ugly. Fast forward to what I saw today on zulily...I'm loving the new style of Jellies! These are actually cute and do not look at all like their older kin. This is one Jelly trend I could see myself wearing. Wouldn't you agree? 

You can find more glammed-up Jelly styles at zulily here!

Did you ever own a pair of Jelly sandals?  

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  1. I still have mine somewhere lol.

  2. No! I'm not buying these either!

  3. My girlfriend had a pair and they gave her several nasty blisters, I knew then I was not buying them.

  4. I could see the old pair giving her blisters, but where would you get blisters with these?

  5. No, I never owned any jellies even though I really wanted a pair. My mom wouldn't get me any, and never told me why. I think that jellies did make a come back in another form, Crocks. Same look different material. These look really cute and I could see myself owning a pair.


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