Style, Decor & More: Happy Halloween From My Little Snow White!

Happy Halloween From My Little Snow White!

My daughter, Kristina!
Wishing you a safe, fun, and Happy Halloween!  My daughter, Kristina, decided to dress up as Snow White for her senior year of high school! As she headed out the door this morning, I snapped a few photos! Doesn't she look too cute? She did her hair and makeup herself and created a bob-like hairstyle by curling, rolling, and tucking her long hair underneath with bobbie pins! 

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  1. Kristina looks so cute! Looks just like snow white! <3 Lisa

  2. What a pretty Snow White! She looks just like the real deal!

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous - great job on the hair and makeup!!

  4. Perfection! She was made to be Snow White! How fun.


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