Style, Decor & More: A Day at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas!

A Day at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas!

Heading to Las Vegas for a get-a-way weekend with the girls? What? You weren't planning on it? Ooooh...I am! I have to get busy and make reservations right away. Why? Because I recently found out that Bruno Mars is performing at The Chelsea in Vegas! Just the thought of catching a glimpse of Bruno is enough to make me want to start packing my bags! {smile} 

Before I start packing, however, I have to plan what to wear around my activities. Wearing a pair of comfortable shoes is a must for walking the Strip and shopping. I'll also want some bling for nighttime. 

Here's what I've put together for a perfect day at Cosmpolitan of Las Vegas

After brunch, I'll relax in the soothing environment of Cosmopolitan's Bamboo Pool. It's the ultimate Las Vegas relaxation pool – a place where you can retreat from the excitement of the Strip, kick back, relax, and sample some revitalizing spa offerings. Ahhhh.....

Yay! The night life! I'll dance the night away on the rooftop patio of The Marquee, which is more than 60,000 square feet overlooking the lights of Las Vegas!

What do you think? What would you wear for a day at Cosmpolitan?
It will certainly be a trip to remember. Relaxing and fun!
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  1. I used to live in Las Vegas and still visit family nearby. The Cosmopolitan is so nice. I love that your glam looks for visiting there!

  2. Love the outfits, the orange and teal color combo is my favorite and well the black Poolside is always a classic like you see on it... haven't been to Vegas in forever.. Thanks for sharing

  3. I really like your brunch outfit. I could totally see myself wearing that one!

  4. the brunch outfit and swim suit are my faves. gorgeous choices!

  5. These outfits are gorgeous! I especially love all of the shoes shown here :)

  6. Love all of your selections but that swimwear set really rocks. Next time I'm in Vegas, I'm looking for Cosmopolitan. ;-)

  7. Your outfit selections look terrific. I like the glamour look most of all.


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