Style, Decor & More: SwitchFlops For Versatility and Space!

SwitchFlops For Versatility and Space!

Since many airlines are now charging for checked baggage, my family and I have been travelling with carry-on luggage. On our last trip, everyone had their own carry-on and we didn't have to worry about checking luggage, baggage claim, etc. We zipped in and out of the airports as planned, except for security checkpoints! Of course, to get by with one carry on, I needed to coordinate my outfits using one pair of dress shoes and one pair of casual shoes. I got by, but I sure could have used a pair of shoes like those shown above. Lindsay Phillips is the mastermind behind SwitchFlops, shoes with switchable straps for changing style every day. The versatility is great for those of us who travel and for people who may be limited on closet space. Love it! Lindsay's shoes will be available for a short time on zulily at prices up to 60% off!  

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  1. cute idea. I want a pair to cut down on the pairs of shoes I have lol


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