Style, Decor & More: My Top Ten Beauty Resolutions!

My Top Ten Beauty Resolutions!

The time has come to make those resolutions My list of ten new year beauty resolutions are much more than appearance related, it's about taking care of yourself. And here they are:

1. Take makeup off every night before I go to bed. For those days when I feel like I'm going to drop, I'll keep a pack of cleansing cloths by the nightstand.

2.  Moisturize morning and night. Use a moisturizer with an SPF 30 or higher during the day (even in the winter).

3.  Eat healthier and add more fruits, vegetables, and salmon to my diet. Salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids which improves skin health and may prevent skin cancer.

4. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Beauty sleep is important for overall health. When I don't get my rest, I have under eye circles and bloodshot eyes.

5. Work out at least three times a week. It increases blood flow and circulation revealing a healthy glow!

6.  Rinse my hair and shower with warm water (I know. I know. A cool water rinse will make my hair shinier , but I just can't use cold water...brrrrrrr). Avoiding hot water will be hard enough, but hot water breaks down the natural oils of our skin and results in dry, flaky skin.

7.  Floss! I always brush my teeth twice a day, but I will occasionally skip flossing. :o

8. Make a conscious effort to choose beauty products that are both environmentally friendly and 100% cruelty free to animals. 

9.  Drink plenty of water. 

10. Pamper myself at least once a month with a long, hot bath or use an all over moisturizing body scrub in the shower. Take a little time out just for me! 

There you have it! My ten new year beauty resolutions! Now to stick to them! Do you have any new year beauty resolutions? 

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  1. You have a great list of beauty resolutions! I definitely need to moisturize more often, and eat healthier.

  2. I really want to try to get more sleep too. I take melatonin and always struggle with falling to sleep if I don't take it before bedtime!

  3. I really need to do better with moisturizing. I keep forgetting.

  4. Great tips, I am always horrible about taking off my makeup and moisturizing... these should make my list, as well

  5. I need to work on so many of those, especially the sleeping one!

  6. I run into forgetting or not always feeling up to taking my makeup off.. great thing to try and do! I love the pamper one too!! Great list here :-)!

  7. These are great ones! I am super guilty of falling asleep with makeup on. Those clothes are the best, though. Eating healthier makes such a difference, too!

  8. Ugh. So many great resolutions that i am SO bad at. I never take my make up off at night! I need to do better.

  9. I am really trying to moisturize my facial skin a couple times a day like you said even if it looks like it doesn't need it. I think it REALLY needs it; it's just trying to trick me.

  10. i have the same exercise goal. and i need to get better about the makeup off at night. i should try to do it when kiddos brush teeth before bed!

  11. great goals, mine drink more water, lose weight and paint my nails and toe nails more frequently!

  12. A good moisturizer is super important to me, too. My skin is always super duper dry if I forget.


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