Style, Decor & More: Find Unique Gifts At Uncommon Goods!

Find Unique Gifts At Uncommon Goods!

If you are looking for a unique twist to your holiday gift giving, Uncommon Goods is one online shop you don't want to miss. When I first stumbled upon Uncommon Goods, I was immediately impressed that their unique gift items were created by featured artists. It's like somebody went through the chic boutiques from around the world, and hand-selected their favorite items to add to the store.

I had the wonderful opportunity to review a pair of terrarium garden globes created by artist Zsuzsanna Barbu.  I am really enjoying these air plants so much and can't wait for them to bloom.  They are super easy to care for. I simply run them under tap water for a few seconds, dry on a paper towel, and that's it. Twice a week is all they need. Even if you are on a vacation and miss a week of watering, they are very forgiving and will be fine when you return home. That's my kind of plant! 

Since receiving these striking glass orbs, they have, unfortunately sold out. Not to worry, there are other unique terrarium items available and glass globes as well.  I love the Recycled Glass Tree Globes shown below are stunning!

This colorful ruffled Sari Bag caught my eye and no two are alike!

You will find something for everyone at Uncommon Goods. The site isn't just for women. Check out the pick punch! That's right. It makes guitar picks out of credit cards, old membership cards, etc. Neat, huh?  The Aqua Farm is a fun decorative piece too. A great conversation starter. And we wouldn't want to forget the kids. The Kinetic Sand is a super fun three-dimensional building toy that will make your child's imagination soar! See what I mean? There's truly something for every member of the family (and friends). I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  

As you skim through the beautiful selection of gift items, you may notice that many of the items are made from recycled materials. But it doesn't stop there...ALL of their merchandise is produced without harming animals. 

Uncommon Goods is truly an amazingly unique online store. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Very cute and unique. I will definitely check it out!

  2. I've come across Uncommon Goods a few times and they truly do have such unique items! I could probably do ALL of my Christmas shopping on that website if I really wanted to :)

    I love those cute little terrarium garden globes you got to review!


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