Style, Decor & More: Hot Trendy Hats For Fall!

Hot Trendy Hats For Fall!


Hats are going to be hotter than ever this fall. What’s interesting is that all types of hats are showing up on the runways, from printed baseball caps at J.Crew and Herve Leger, to super-bright beanies from Karen Walker and Tracey Reese.

Definitely a trend to try if you are having a bad hair day. The trendy quick fix of donning a baseball cap or beanie is tempting when unruly tresses prevail.  A great and stylish alternative to an updo.  

And let's not forget the men! Whether you're about to embark on a particularly exciting journey into the African wilderness or you simply want to look fantastic at your next party, the right hat is an important accessory. Hats will not only complete an outfit and draw attention to your face and outfit, they'll also protect you from too much sun exposure. During the summer and while traveling in hot areas, sun exposure can be deadly. You'll need to apply plenty of sunscreen and remember that a wide-brimmed hat can help protect the delicate skin on your face from too much exposure.

You can shop for the perfect hats online. Shop safari hats at for the best, widest selection. You'll find that ordering hats online offers you the chance to take your time shopping and finding something that works best with the outfit or outfits you plan to wear. Make sure to measure your head using a tape measure before you place your order. This will ensure that you find the right size hat. Remember that hats do not come in simply one size and that your hat will depend on your hair style and head shape. Also make sure to place your order well in advance of your excursion or outing. This way you'll know with assurance that your hat will arrive in time.

What type of hat will you be wearing this fall?

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  1. I love and wear hats all the time!! My sister found me a beautiful "parsons" hat I've been wanting forever so I'll be rockin' it this winter (if we have one....hahaha)
    love ya!!


  2. Gorgeous! Love that black hat!

  3. Gorgeous! Love that black hat!


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