Style, Decor & More: Beautiful & Magical Ruby Wing Nail Lacquer!

Beautiful & Magical Ruby Wing Nail Lacquer!

Have you heard of the latest trend in nail polish? It's color-changing and scented nail polish! I've had the chance to try Ruby Wing's nail lacquer, and the color-changing transformation works like magic! Really! It was a sunny day when I first applied my polish and WOW! I couldn't believe my nail's dramatic color change from indoors to outdoors! Once I was out in the direct sunlight, my nails changed to a pretty purple shade IN SECONDS! I couldn't get over how quickly it changed. Weeks later, I'm still impressed every time I'm outdoors and look down to find purple nails! I don't have a great sense of smell, so I was only able to smell a nail polish scent. I so wish I could have smelled the Chocolate Mousse and Sweet Cream scents!

Ruby Wing Sweet Cream
Ruby Wing Sweet Cream & Chocolate Mousse

Ruby Wing Chocolate Mousse (indoor)

Color Club's formula is a little thinner than Ruby Wing. Ruby Wing is a bit thicker in consistency. Depending on the desired amount of sparkle, you only need 1-2 coats of the Ruby Wing nail colors. Color Club's East Austin and The Uptown Duo need three coats for best results. I didn't use a top or base coat, and I saw signs of wear after 3 full days. I'm tough on my nails and I'm confident had I used a base & top coat, I could have easily gone a week.
Color Club's East Austin Nail Lacquer with Ruby Wing's
Scented & Color Changing Chocolate Mousse on ring finger.
Color Club - The Uptown 

The Ruby Wing and Color Club nail lacquers are great fun for every day wear. I certainly look forward to trying other gorgeous colors from these two awesome nail lacquer collections.

Be sure to check out Ruby Wing's entire SCENTED  and COLOR CHANGING Collection and Color Club awesome nail lacquers. To find our more, or to purchase any of these fab nail polishes, visit Ruby Wing HERE and Color Club HERE.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Those colors are to die for! They are so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this brand of polish. I had no idea about it and I am going to look it up and get some!

  2. I can see it works. I was skeptical. Most review don't show the transformation of the entire nail polish bottle intself.

  3. Have i been out of the loop because this is the first time hearing about the color changing and scented nail polish! How awesome!

  4. I cannot get enough nail polish. This sounds like something I would love to try. [email protected] willis flanagan

  5. I love having tons of nail polish to match all my outfits! I love the purple color in this post!

  6. what pretty colors. I would love to have these for fall. [email protected] willis flanagan


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