Style, Decor & More: A Dry Shampoo Specifically For Blondes & Brunettes!

A Dry Shampoo Specifically For Blondes & Brunettes!

I thought I would share this exciting product from Keratin Complex. Now I know that we have all heard of dry shampoos before, but until now, I've never seen dry shampoo made specifically for blonde or brunette shades. Isn't that a great idea?! I'm not a huge fan of dry shampoos because of the white powdery residue it leaves in my hair. Whenever I try to rub and blend the white powder into my hair, I end up with staticy hair. I would think this product would help to blend it in easier, without all the rubbing. What do you think? Kind of cool, don't ya think? Everything at Folica is 20% off today, so the Keratin Complex Dry Shampoo with Promotion Code HAIRLOVE100 is $24, and FREE Shipping on purchases of $50 or more.  

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  1. Great for brunettes. The white really shows in my hair.


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