Style, Decor & More: Got Green? Emerald Green Fashion!

Got Green? Emerald Green Fashion!

Got green? Emerald green fashion, that is! It's the color of the year! 
Incorporating green into your wardrobe is easier than you might think, and you don't have to look like a leprechaun when doing it! {smile} If you don't have any green clothing or accessories in your closet, start with a small inexpensive accessory, such as a pair of earrings, a belt or scarf.  Emerald can be paired with just about any color and look fab! Try grey, gold, cobalt blue, pink and, of course, neutrals such as white, black and tan. As you can see in the celebrity photos below, one accessory is all you need to go green!

Hilary Duff
Reese Witherspoon
Kim Kardashian
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  1. Just a little bit of color really makes a statement. Love the Emerald Green too.

    1. Great for fall too!
      Thanks for hopping by Ashley! :)

  2. I love to adding pops of color. My favorite color these days is teall, but still love the green. Love uour blog.

  3. I love torquise green colour and I want to add it in my wadrobe for special occasion in summer/winter/fall.

  4. I love torguise green and I love all the photo's and your review is awesome.


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