Style, Decor & More: DIY Pillow Cover Tutorial

DIY Pillow Cover Tutorial

Change the look of your room in minutes simply by changing your pillows!
Here's a fun and easy DIY pillow cover tutorial. No sewing. Just fold and tie!
Use fabric that is three times as wide (plus a couple inches) and twice as tall (plus a couple inches) as the pillow. Start off by placing the pillow on the wrong side of the fabric (see below).


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  1. This looks sooo easy! Thanks!

  2. I absolutly love this idea, and i think im gonna attempt to do one pillow to see if i can do it, i mean it looks super easy but some times i dont always get the result i want. How much fabric did you use for that standard size pillow? please let me know THANKS

  3. PLEASE SEND FOLLOW UP TO [email protected] please the other email is my husbands and this one is mine...... the one writing to you.


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