Style, Decor & More: What Shoe Style Fits Your Personality?

What Shoe Style Fits Your Personality?

It’s very important to remember that your footwear can speak volumes about your style.  You should put some thought into this important accessory item.   Not only are you expressing your style, you can also get the most "bang for your buck" out of one simple dress or outfit.  A variety of shoes can give you endless options in changing your look.  And yes, you can look just as fantastic in a $25 pair of shoes as you can in a pair of Jimmy Choos.

So...which shoe style (or styles) are you??

Shoes! What's Your Style?

Dorothy Perkins(US)

All of the amazing footwear shown here, including the dress, can be found at Dorothy Perkins!

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  1. I'm a boot kind of girl! Those boots look awesome.

  2. I like a basic sandal - comfy


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