Style, Decor & More: Le Savonnier Marseillas - A Beautiful Choice in Cleaning Products!

Le Savonnier Marseillas - A Beautiful Choice in Cleaning Products!

Have you gone "green" with cleaning products? A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Le Savonnier Marseillais Organic Liquid Soap. It's an all-natural, all- purpose olive oil liquid soap, that's changed the way I look at everything from washing my hands to doing the laundry. It feels great using a cleaner that is beautiful and safe for me, my family, and the planet.  

Lavender Scented Le Savonnier Marseillais All-Purpose Liquid Soap
I'll admit I was skeptical that an organic soap could clean my granite counter tops without streaking, but was pleasantly surprised - actually, shocked!
My black counter tops are the hardest to get clean and I'm thrilled with the results! Look!  I love the light, lavender scent too!

No more harsh chemicals in my laundry. I use about 1/4 cup per load in my HE washing machine and my clothes come out clean and fresh. 

I even use Le Savonnier Marseillais to wash dishes. This does take some getting used to - I'm used to a sink full of soapy suds. There are no suds, but it does cut through grease and cleans my pots and pans. Even glasses come out streak-free!

SAVON NOIR ALL-PURPOSE 100% Natural made with pure Essential Oils - Effective on many household surfaces
(Taken from the Le Savonnier Web Site)
Floors and tiles: Cleans and sanitizes flooring and tile (bathroom or kitchen tile, wood, laminate, stone, or terracotta).
Dishes: Cleans and cuts through grease on dishes, pots, and pans.
Grease: Cuts through grease to remove buildup. Ideal for cleaning ovens, exhaust fans, stovetops, appliance surfaces, counters, and sinks.
Windows: Leaves glass surfaces flawlessly clean without streaking.
Laundry: Can be used just like conventional detergent.
Vehicle: Safe for use on wood, plastic, and carpet. Cleans interior and exterior surfaces. Use on boat decks and hulls, car dashboards, and motorcycles.
Garden: Use on plants including roses ornamental plants, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens.
Spray diluted on plants to protect from insects including greenflies (aphids), mealybugs, and red spider mites.
Household Pets: Used as a shampoo, Savon Noir gently cleans and nourishes your dog’s fur. Keeps your pet’s coat glossy and helps prevent fleas and allergies.

Overall, Le Savonnier Marseillais works great, leaves my house smelling fresh and clean, and provides me peace of mind in knowing that I am using a 100% pure and beautiful cleaning product in my home. 

Check out all of the wonderful cleaning products and scents available at 

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I have black granite countertops too. Will check it out!

  2. I love the fresh scent of Lavender

  3. sounds great. i don't have black granite countertops but my mom does so i will definitely be telling her about this product.

  4. I like lavender, might check this out! Thanks.

  5. very interesting! I was surprised it can be used for so many things!

  6. Love lavender scent! SO calming :)

  7. That's great that it is a general purpose soap with a nice scent.

  8. Anything with chemicals sets off my asthma. This would be a welcome change, and the lavender scent is an added plus!

  9. Lavender is a fantastic scent. My stinky dogs would smell like royalty with this wonderful organic soap!

  10. I love Lavender scents! This sounds nice and I love that fact that it is chemical free! I love that it cleans anything from granite to dishes!

  11. Would love to try this product out ~ So many uses and organic on top of all that! Marianne K.

  12. Nancy, sounds great! But I just want to know where you got that samples? I'm from Korean.

  13. Here is the direct link:


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