Style, Decor & More: A Drab to Fab Furniture Find! {Before and After!}

A Drab to Fab Furniture Find! {Before and After!}

My sister recently revamped a drab chair she found at a garage sale by painting the frame and replacing the fabric. Now she has a fab chair that adds a sophisticated and updated look to the corner of her room.
A great million dollar makeover done on a budget! 
Well done, Karen! 
BEFORE - Drab!
AFTER - Fab!
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  1. Love it! Great job!

  2. Awesome transformation, how much did she pay at the yard sale for the chair?

    Bobbie Anne

    1. She thinks she overpaid for the chair at $20, but she said it was very well made.

  3. Looks great!!! I will have to try it!:) Can you please help me share my giveaway page?

  4. It looks so beautiful. Way to breathe some life into an old piece of furniture.

  5. I would love to know how she did it. Maybe a step by step? That would be helpful. It's an amazing transformation.

  6. What an amazing makeover! This would be perfect to link-up to my Create It Thursday's live now!


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