Style, Decor & More: WIN a Purse Gummy Set and Keep Your Purse in Place {GIVEAWAY}

WIN a Purse Gummy Set and Keep Your Purse in Place {GIVEAWAY}

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Are you tired of your purse falling off your shoulder when you are out and about? It drives me crazy every time I reach down or relax my shoulder, my bag comes down like the weight of a bowling ball, and almost hits the floor.  Then I heard about Purse Gummy! It is the non-slip solution that easily adheres to the inside of your purse strap making it undetectable from the view of others while keeping your purse in place!

They are super easy to apply, just peel the backing and place it on the inside of your purse's strap....and you are done!
Each Purse Gummy strip is 5 inches long, 7/8 of an inch wide and only 1.5 mm thick. It can be cut to size if it is to wide for your purse strap. They are made out of silicone and is very soft and bendable. The side that sticks to your purse is sticky, the other side that rests on your shoulder is smooth and will not stick to your clothes or skin. It really is an AWESOME solution to this annoying problem! You can check out Give Oh Giveaway's full review HERE.
Where to Buy:
Purse Gummy's tag line is, "Keep your purse on!" It really does what it claims to do, but to give you a risk free opportunity to try it, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee! You can purchase the Purse Gummy 6 pack for just $11.95 on their website and for a limited time they are even offering free shipping within the United States (only $3 for international shipping!). You can follow Purse Gummy on Facebook and Twitter to check out all their awesome giveaways and latest news!
The Giveaway!
Purse Gummy has offered to give away 3 sets of the Purse Gummy! This Giveaway is open World Wide and it will end on Friday April 19th at 11:59 pm EST.

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is enter on the rafflecopter form below. The winner will be chosen by and emailed.
Good luck!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for sharing this post. Prize fulfillment will come from Give Oh Giveaway. Thanks for being a fan!

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  1. What a wonderful idea. I would keep them for myself.

  2. I would totally share with my mom and sister! These are genius!

  3. i would share them with my daughters & my mom :) thanx

  4. share with a friend
    porsche-puppy at sbcglobal dot net

  5. I'll share with my daughter. She would totally notice I had them

  6. I'll definitely share...with my 3 bridemaids!

  7. I would love to winand share with my daughter

  8. half and half defineitely

  9. I would share with a friend!! I love this! I have tiny shoulders, my purse is constantly sliding down, it drives me crazy. These are perfect.

  10. I give it to my mom


  11. I will share! Hard to let go but will share!

  12. I have so many purse i would have to keep them

  13. i will share with other gals i know i know other women kave this problem

  14. I carry a big purse an it never stays on! I'm raising a Granddaughter an we share a lot of stuff this would be great!


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