Style, Decor & More: Hard to Resist Vegan Lip Balms!

Hard to Resist Vegan Lip Balms!

If you have been looking for the perfect vegan lip balm, I may have found it! I haven't personally tried these tempting flavored balms, but the reviews are consistently positive! Crazy Rumors, a personal care company, combines the best of both worlds - natural and fun. Even the Vitamin E is naturally derived! Products that offer the exceptional benefits of naturally derived ingredients fused with fun, fresh and unique concepts! Who says natural can't be fun?

The unique flavors of these 100% natural lip balms are so hard to resist. I don't know how I'm going to choose. Decisions. Decisions. Below are just a few of my favorite flaves. Of course, I'm loving the price too - $2 each! 

Orange Creamsicle: a classic combination of vanilla cream & orange indulgence. 
Raspberry Sherbet: delicious fresh raspberry with a touch of citrus tartness. 
Banana Split: sliced banana swirled with chocolate, vanilla & strawberry. 
Mint Chocolate: soothing peppermint meets irresistible chocolate. 

Orange Bergamot: aka Earl Grey - a blend of tantalizing citrus fruits. 
Apple Spice: tart apples and sweet cinnamon create a cider like experience. 
P-Mint Lemongrass: refreshing citrus and cooling peppermint. 
Spiced Chai: savory cardamom blended with cinnamon, vanilla and ginger. 

Amaretto: rich almond and pure natural vanilla. 
Coffee Bean: a freshly roasted cup of coffee - light and sweet. 
French Vanilla: naturally creamy vanilla kissed with a hint of coffee. 
Mocha: flavorful coffee paired with pure chocolate.

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