Style, Decor & More: Single Beds in a Wide Range of Styles!

Single Beds in a Wide Range of Styles!

Many people who live in small houses, apartments, or even dorm rooms, know they need to keep their space clutter free and organized. A small space provides a cozy feel when the size of the furniture is to scale with the room and the decor is kept to a minimum. Keep only a few items out on shelves and use the space underneath your bed for storage (as shown above). When things are neatly arranged and out of sight, the room will look neat and orderly. 

A single bed is the most effective way to create more space in a bedroom. It not only provides greater space, it is also more pleasing to the eye. Keeping a single bed on the opposite side of the entrance to the room will visually add space as well. 

Purchasing a new bed can be very exciting when you know what you want! The most important step in selecting a single bed, is to think of the overall feel you want from your room. Do you like a decor that is traditional, contemporary, modern, transitional, or eclectic? Once you decide on your style, you are ready to pick out your favorite frame from a wide range of bedsThere are so many options! You can choose from several colors, styles, and materials.  Do you like the look of a metal bed? You will be surprised at the countless  choices of styles and colors, such as pink, silver, black, and cream. If you prefer a more traditional frame, you may want a wood bed. Wood instantly adds a warm and organic feel to a room. Maybe you like the look and feel of a softer frame? In that case, there are also affordable faux leather options. See! The possibilities are endless!

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  1. I had a single bed for years (till I upgraded to Queen size)-I definitely agree that the placement of the bed will make the room look larger or smaller--I used to move things around all the time.

  2. Thanks so much for the information, you have been most helpful.

  3. My son had a single bed til a couple years ago when he reached 6 feet! Plus the dog sleeps with him and he's almost 6'5" now! Love the bed in the picture!

  4. Love the post- very informative. I loved my single bed that I had for a few years when I was single!! My house is very small and it was perfect in my little room! Now with a bigger bed we have no place to move around...:(

  5. single beds are great in small guestrooms for company.

  6. Love this! Thanks for the GREAT information!


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