Style, Decor & More: Welcome The Holidays With Febreze! {REVIEW}

Welcome The Holidays With Febreze! {REVIEW}

What better way to welcome family and friends  into your home this Holiday Season, than with the wonderful scents of this special time of the year. The kind people at Febreze asked me to review their Febreze special edition products in delicious Cozy Vanilla Sugar.  My package included one Febreze Air Effects, one Febreze candle, and a twin-pack of Febreze NOTICEables with refills! 
The aroma of Cozy Vanilla Sugar is reminiscent of past holidays when the house is filled with the smell of fresh-baked  sugar cookies.  The light, delicate  scent is very relaxing and cozy and makes me want to curl up in front of the fire.  I plugged one NOTICEables in the bath upstairs and one downstairs and the sweet smell is throughout the house. The soft scent is amazing because it's in the air, but never overpowering. 

Since the Holidays evoke scents that everybody loves, Febreze has captured six warm and inviting limited-edition scents for you to try this Holiday Season: 

    • Apple Spice & Delight: The warming scent of fresh-baked apples coated with sweet cinnamon (available only online)
    • Cranberries and Frost: Rich as ripe cranberries and frost on a white winter’s day
    • Glistening Alpine: As soothing as a tree-lined mountainside glistening with the scent of pine
    • Winter Magic & Glow: Crisp as sunshine-lit icicles in fresh, frosty air
    • Holiday Bloom & Cheer: As cheerful as a chorus of holiday aromas blended with winter blossoms; and 
    • Cozy Vanilla Sugar: Sweet as notes of vanilla that comfort you like a cocoon of blankets
Which scent would you use to set the mood for the season in your home?  Me? Oooh...I want to try them all - especially after seeing Candice Olsen's decorating tips on how to make your home more inviting for the holidays.  I've attached just one of Candice's videos below. I love what she did with cranberries!  She's my favorite design expert! If you watch one video, you will want to watch them all! 

After watching Candice's videos, I was inspired to create a warm and welcoming space in my home! What do you think of the soft, cozy, and fragrant space I created? I wish you could smell the yummy scent!  

The soft light and fragrance of Febreze's Cozy Vanilla Sugar Candle instantly improves the mood and ambiance of my home. I LOVE Febreze and can't wait to try all the special-edition scents!

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  1. Great video! I'm a Candice fan too! Melinda

  2. I can not use fabreze wish they would come out with one that is all natural!

  3. I love all febreeze products. Even the ones for your car. They smell great and last forever!

  4. I didn't realize they had so many holiday scents! I've only ever used the regular kind. Glad I saw this! I'm going to have to try some new scents! :) Thank you!

  5. Great video, I gotta try this scent!

  6. Great video,I love Febreeze!!! :)

  7. How pretty! I love the warm winter look. This scent sounds perfect; I really like to hear that it's not overpowering like some.

  8. I used a lot of Febreze to freshen up the chorus uniforms between cleanings for the high school chorus class. Waited for sales and used coupons, of course.

    I like the cranberry scents.

  9. Frebreeze smells great ;D I like the cranberry one. It smells really good[:

  10. Cozy Vanilla spice sounds wonderful for the holidays and all year round. There are so many different products for the home to try. Love them all!

  11. Cozy Vanilla spice sounds wonderful for the holidays and all year round. There are so many different products for the home to try. Love them all!

  12. I love febreeze products. Currently burning a candle now :)


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