Style, Decor & More: Cyber Monday Snowmee Pinterest Giveaway! 10 Winners!

Cyber Monday Snowmee Pinterest Giveaway! 10 Winners!

Come to Celebrate Cyber Monday with us on November 26, 2012!

Create a #CyberSnomee Pinterest Board for A Chance to 

Win Your Own Amazing Snomee!

What's a Snowmee?
A Snowmee is a unique and creative way to give a gift card. At first it appears to be an adorable snow globe, but when you open it up, there's a place to add a gift card and personalized message! Too cute!
  Black Friday, Cyber Monday – so many names, so many possibilities for gift ideas. Plus, ability to stock up on some interesting, unique, and needed items. We would like to run not only a crazy promotion with amazing Snomees for everyone. We will also be awarding Snomees to those, who will create fun and interesting Pinterest Boards featuring Snomees in them. Use your imagination, your interests, recipes and themes like winter and Thanksgiving or Cyber Monday or Black Friday! Any re-pins and pins you place onto your own board would only bring out the personality you are!
How to Enter and Participate
1. Follow Snomee on Pinterest 
  2. Create a Board on Pinterest --> Title it #CyberSnomee --> 
Create a description for your snomee board with your Twitter handle inside the description (e.g., @MyTwitterHandle) --> Insert the Snomee Deal In Your Board Description: 
Get 5 Snomees for $25 with FREE Shipping on November 26 #CyberMonday at
3. Re-pin one or more images of Snomees from the Snomee Christmas Collection Pinterest Board 
4. Re-Pin one or images of Snomees from the Snomee website as you wish! 
  5. Re-pin one or more images of #CyberSnomee deal that will be available on Nov 26, Cyber Monday 
  6. Add any other Winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas related images to brighten up your Pinterest #CyberSnomee board. Use any theme you wish to create. Whether it’s a recipe+ Snomee theme, or babies+Snomee theme, or books+Snomee theme – It all counts. Sky’s the limit to your imagination! 
  7. Submit your newly built Pinterest #CyberSnomee board to this Form by November 25, 2012. 
  There Will be 10 WINNERS!
Each WINNER will receive one (1) Snomee with a gift box!

 The Snomee Creators will judge #CyberSnomee Pinterest Boards on
  • How creative you’ve gone with images!
  • How many pins & re-pins you’ve got on your board, and
  • If your board drives any specific message: Holiday, Beauty, Love for reading, anything you like to convey with your board.

Good Luck!

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