Style, Decor & More: Top Trends in Wedding Themes for a Rustic Country Wedding

Top Trends in Wedding Themes for a Rustic Country Wedding

If you were born country can you imagine yourself walking down the aisle in high heels? Or a nice pair of Justin boots? Weddings have started to get a little more exciting with more and more people choosing to have unique weddings that showcase their personalities. Everyone knows that country folk know how to party and there is nothing better then combining your country soul with your wedding. Show off your country attitude with a rustic country wedding.

Having a rustic country wedding does not mean that you need to go mud wrestling with your cousins like you see on "My Big Redneck Wedding." A rustic country wedding is one of beauty, style and class with a down-home country feel. We want to help you picture your rustic country wedding so close your eyes and imagine this: 

Imagine a huge open field overlooking beautiful mountains. Your groom is standing at the end of your "aisle which is in the middle of the field surrounded by natural beauty with only chairs for your guests. Your soon to be husband stands at the end in his country tuxedo and wearing the Justin boots that made you fall in love with him. All of the groomsmen have on a different style of Justin boots to honor the times that you and your fiancee have linedanced the night away in your favorite pairs. Your bridesmaids have on beautiful dresses that flow perfectly down to their own pairs of matching Justin boots and as they go down the aisle you remember your country love. Then comes the moment for you to walk down the field to your waiting cowboy. Your dress is white, beautiful, flowing and underneath is your country Justin boots. After you are married it is time to celebrate like only the country can so you move into a barn that is right off to the side of your marriage sight.

The barn is opened and all around you and your guests are sparkling lights, beautiful sunflowers in rustic watering cans are the centerpieces on all of your tables, hay bales line the dance floor, comfort food is warm and waiting on the buffet and the band that you and your fiancee first line danced to is ready to play the night away. This creates the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests to feel comfortable and bring a piece of home to your wedding. The picture opportunities are endless with the beautiful field to the photo opportunities in the barn. The food is comfort food that will sit just right with your guests. This is the wedding of someone's dreams. This is a wedding that says it all and tells a story of your life.  

There are endless possibilities with a rustic country wedding and this is just one of them. The important thing to remember is that you get to wear your favorite cowboy boots while still feeling like the beautiful bride. You get to bring your country personality while making your wedding elegant. You provide amazing music to dance to while having fun dancing the way you feel comfortable. Country weddings provide the best atmosphere and attitude so that everyone can have a good time without feeling to stuffy. Let loose and enjoy your beautiful wedding day and if the mud wrestling pit comes out, dive on in. It's supposed to be the best day of your life and that should include your country roots, don't you think?

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  1. I've always dreamed of a country wedding. Cowboy boots sound way more comfy than heels! :)

  2. The bride boots are perfect!


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