Style, Decor & More: Varieties of Plantation Shutters!

Varieties of Plantation Shutters!

Plantation shutters harken back to old days and Southern hospitality, when plantations exemplified the affluent lifestyle of the deep South. They are a beautiful addition to any room, but especially when they are used in one where the shutters can be highlighted by the decor.Plantation shutters come in a number of styles and materials, wood and vinyl being the more common varieties. There are faux wood shutters made of 100 percent vinyl, making them much stronger.

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters - Available in 4 Colors!
Faux Wood
One benefit of faux wood plantation shutters is their weather resistant construction. They can be used either indoors or outdoors with the same confidence. That makes them perfect for windows that may be exposed to rain or snow or in a child's room where children might be a little tougher on them. Made of solid vinyl they feature great durability while still providing warmth. They look like traditional wood shutters but have vinyl’s superb strength and durability.

Wood Plantation Shutters - Available in 14 Colors!
Wood shutters feature the quality, natural look and beauty of handcrafted hardwood solids, and they are available in several neutral or soft hues. Homeowners can stain or paint them to match their decor. As with other styles of shutters, a variety of options including frames, louver size, hidden tilt bars, inside or outside mounts are available.

Composite Plantation Shutters - Available in 3 Colors!
Another style of shutters is the composite design. Composite shutters are durably constructed of a combination of traditional wood and contemporary PVC. The result is a very sturdy shutter with many years of use in its future. They feature the traditional allure of a wood appearance, but with the ruggedness of PVC. They also feature a 6 R insulation value, making them helpful in insulating the room from the outside cold – or heat.

No matter which style you choose, plantation shutters are a pure visual delight.

There are options available for shutter mounting hardware. The different styles are designed to work with specific window styles. For example, the Z-frame style works well with windows that feature no existing trim. The L-frame is more compatible with windows that do have a trim surrounding them.

Shutters over 5 feet tall require a divider rail for stabilization and they usually come with single, double or four panel options. The customer can also select from 2.5-inch louvers for smaller windows or 3.5-inch louvers for large windows. In addition, outside and inside mounts and hidden tilt bars present more options.

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