Style, Decor & More: World of Color Dazzles at Disneyland!

World of Color Dazzles at Disneyland!

A special thank you to Disney for providing Style, Decor & More VIP seating to World of Color.  

My family and I recently spent a few days at Disneyland and were delighted with the newest attractions at California Adventures Park.   My favorite attraction was the World of Color Nighttime Spectacular Show.  The show takes place down by Paradise Pier which is reminiscent o
f an old-time boardwalk. The Ferris wheel and roller coaster create the perfect backdrop of sites and sounds for the World of Color event.  As soon as the music begins, you are mesmerized by dancing fountains of colorful light. The fountains shoot as high as 200 feet into the air and are infused with dazzling color while  Disney animated scenes come to life on a screen of mist. The 25-minute festivity was a fantastic ending to an amazing day!

Note: I would recommend arriving early if you want to be down by the water, but be warned that the closer you are to the grotto, the more likely you will get wet.