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Mother's Day DIY Gifts!

Mother's Day is this Sunday and if you have been procrastinating like me, you probably need some last minute gift ideas. Well, here are a few easy and stylish "do-it-yourself" projects.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens
Boxes this nice won't be hidden in any closet. Take two coordinating papers and wrap the boxes and lids. Find a favorite photo and put it in a small metal frame from a scrapbooking store. Glue the frame on the side of the box and put in Mom's present. After the big day, she can use the boxes to store photos or mementos.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens
Peonies are a classic and beautiful choice for a Mother's Day flower bouquet, especially because they bloom abundantly April through June. Gather a bunch into a pretty pitcher for a refreshing twist on the traditional vase, and display them inside or outside.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens
Get creative this Mother's Day and dress up a plain vase or aluminum can with grosgrain ribbon (usually less than $1 a yard). Hot-glue one end of the ribbon at the bottom, wrap it around the vase in evenly overlapping layers, and glue the other end at the top. 
Gardening Basket
Create your own gift basket to coincide with your mother's hobbies. A chef basket, gardening basket, or craft basket, would certainly brighten mom's day. Be creative. If you are making a gardening basket, add small potted plants, pretty soaps and lotions (hands get dirty when gardening), gardening gloves, etc.

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