Style, Decor & More: Pretty Plates on Display! Creative Wall Decor!

Pretty Plates on Display! Creative Wall Decor!

Use plates as wall decor? Absolutely! Plates are an inexpensive and practical way to add charm and character to your walls. Showcasing plates on your wall is creative way to enjoy treasured heirlooms, gifts, or your favorite flea market finds.

Source: Martha Stewart
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Source: Google
To get started, select a color, style or theme for your wall collage. Once you have selected the plates to use in your wall decor, arrange them on the floor or table to plan your layout. Prepare the plates to hang safely on your wall. Craftaholicsanonymous has a wonderful tutorial, however, I would suggest purchasing store-bought mounting brackets or use plate hangers from your local hardware store, instead of using a safety pin. You've come too far to have something go "breakably" wrong over a few dollars.

Please send photos should you decide to take on your own plate collage project! 

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  1. I'm so inspired! I have to get to a flea market!


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