Style, Decor & More: A Chandelier in The Laundry Room? Why Not?

A Chandelier in The Laundry Room? Why Not?

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Why not put a chandelier in the laundry room? A chandelier is certainly inviting and adds sophisticated elegance to any room. Spending time in this laundry room would be a pleasure.

Before you head out to find a chandelier for your laundry room, be to sure to consider the room size and illumination. You want a chandelier that enhances your room, but does not dominate it. Check flea markets, second hand stores, and garage sales. More and more people are switching out their traditional light fixtures for contemporary lighting. You might just get lucky and find a brass chandelier that can be spray painted white or any color that you desire! There are several sites that offer DIY tutorials for spray painting chandeliers.

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