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Missamé: Quality Brushes At A Great Price!

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When it comes to flawless makeup application, the makeup brushes you choose make a big difference! Just ask any makeup artist and they will tell you that it is very important to invest in good quality brushes. Quality brushes can take ordinary makeup to a whole new level and are essential for blending, contouring, highlighting and creating a flawless look.

I've recently had the chance to try Missamé's cruelty-free makeup brush set and let's just say I am in love. The brushes are super soft and definitely comparable to my higher end department store brushes! I look forward to using Missame brushes every morning. Seriously. They feel great against my skin. I've also washed the brushes and found they are very easy to clean and did not shed at all. When brushes are super soft and show no sign of shedding, it's a good sign you are using professional quality brushes. It is no wonder Missamé stands behind their brushes and offers a 100% lifetime guarantee. 

My Missamé brushes came in a beautiful chocolate carrying case that makes traveling with the brushes a breeze. Each super soft brush is well crafted with eco-friendly bamboo handles designed to fit your hand for easy makeup application. There are 10 brushes in the set and each is designed to help you achieve a professional look. Use the eye and face brushes for contouring, foundation, eye shadow, blush and bronzer application. If you are a mineral makeup user, you will appreciate the Kabuki Brush - a customer favorite!

Makeup brushes should be viewed as beauty tools for your face.  Below is a handy Brush Guide to help you understand the use of each brush. When used correctly, the brushes will ultimately help you create a flawless finish.  

Brush Guide 

1. Concealer Brush. Firm smooth bristles are perfect for concentrated coverage under the eyes to hide dark circles. 

2. Angled Eye Brush. For eye shadow application, easily highlight inner tear-ducts with its angled shape.

3. Angled Liner Brush. Firm bristles allows precise application of powder liner or gel/cream liner. Can also be used for filling in brows.

4. Tapered Smudge Brush. Firm tip for detailing eyes and smudging exactly where you want.

5. Dome Blending Brush. Soft, fluffy hair for contouring color on the creases of your eyes or blending any harsh lines.

6. Kabuki Brush. Dense bristles in a rounded dome shape, ideal for foundation powders.

7. Foundation Brush. Firmer brush head for brushing and patting down liquid or cream foundation. Beauty tip: Mix foundation primer with your liquid cream foundation for a flawless coverage.

8. Flat Top Brush. Thickly packed bristles for blending, buffing or stippling to create a flawless finish.

9. Contouring Brush. Dense bristles apply color exactly where you want making it ideal for highlighting and contouring.

10. Oval Blush Brush. Soft, gentle brush tips designed for streak-free blush or bronzer application.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with my cosmetic brushes from Missamé. They are super soft, quality brushes. This is also a company that stands behind their product and genuinely want you to be happy with your purchase. When you order a Missamé makeup brush set, the founder, Amy Ng, will personally send you a complimentary beauty ebook full of helpful information and beauty tips! You will also be provided detailed washing instructions to care for your brushes. 

To learn more or to make a purchase, visit Amazon HERE. The brushes are currently on sale! 

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  1. Those are nice looking brushes! I have a couple of brushes and I never get their correct uses straight, this guide is helpful.

  2. Those look like great brushes! I need to get a new set of brushes. I have a cheap set that I don't really care for. Like the comment above stated, I also need to learn how to use them!

  3. This sounds like a great set of makeupbrushes. I only have the ones that came with random make up might be time to get a whole set.

  4. These look great. I could use a new set of brushes. Mine have been cleaned a few times and bristles are starting to fall out.

  5. I have to agree - there is nothing better for makeup application than a good set of brushes.

  6. these brushes look like they would be nice them. I could use them

  7. These brushes look awesome. I love their handles and the size/ shape of the bristles look great! Thanks for the post, I'll have to see if I can convince my hubby I need replacements!!

  8. I could use a new set of brushes. m

  9. I've been looking for new brushes.

  10. I love a good make-up brush :) These look great!

  11. Pam V H I love my makeup brushes. When I need to replace them, I'll remember to check out Missame.

  12. I'm very impressed that these brushes have a lifetime warranty!

  13. Very nice brushes! It is so important to have quality make-up brushes & keep them very clean to avoid contamination.

  14. I need some new brushes, I will check them out.

  15. What a wonderful group of brushes for applying makeup. and so many for all the different areas that they are used for. I only have about four brush that I dearly love and use. Thanks so much on your helpful review Very impressive, I love the lifetime warranty along with them.

    1. I was very impressed with the lifetime warranty too, Dianna! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  16. Thanks so much on your review of Missamé: Quality Brushes At A Great Price! These brushes look and sound terrific! I'm not big on using brushes! My oldest daughter uses brushes all the time! Thanks for explaining what each brush can do when applying makeup! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele :)

  17. When I was younger I never really thought much about the quality of a make up brush. It really does make a difference.

  18. Thank you for the information. I am always looking for good brushes

  19. thanks for the info on these brushes.they look really nice.i will have to check into them

  20. these brushes look awesome! I so need some, Its been years since I put make up on . So now I need everything, and start out with a good set of make up brushes.. love these


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