Style, Decor & More: SmileBrilliant Whitens and Brightens! {Review & Giveaway}

SmileBrilliant Whitens and Brightens! {Review & Giveaway}

We all know accessorizing is important to reflect your sense of style, but have you ever thought of your teeth as an accessory? Your smile is the first thing people see when they meet you! Who isn't captivated by a clean, healthy and beautiful smile?

A few weeks ago, the great people at SmileBrilliant sent me an LED Teeth Whitening Kit.  I decided to let my daughter give it a try since she had recently had her braces removed and prom was just around the corner. Even though my daughter's teeth were not too bad, they were not as white as they could be, and they needed a little pick me up!

SmileBrilliant Whitening kit is a simple, customized teeth whitening system you can use in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

My daughter began preparing her impressions by mixing the base paste and catalyst paste together until it formed a solid blue color.
 She continued to mix the two together until she had a solid blue mixture.
She then placed the blue mixture into a tray, placed it into her mouth, and bit down to form an impression. She did an impression for both the top and bottom of her teeth.

 Top and bottom impressions.
The impressions were sent off in a self-addressed stamped envelope that was included with the kit. (SmileBrilliant makes it super easy to complete the impressions and mail them! Everything needed is included - postage too!).  A little over a week later, my daughter received her customized dental trays in the mail and was ready to start whitening her teeth! Yay! 

First, my daughter applied the Desensitizing gel to the top and bottom whitening trays and placed them in her mouth for about 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, she rinsed the trays and applied the whitening gel to the dental trays and left the trays in her mouth for 60 minutes. She repeated the process again two days later, leaving the it on for another 60 minutes. 

The recommended whitening time can range from twenty minutes to two hours, so she decided to leave it on for one hour.

After her first session, she and I noticed her teeth were considerably whiter!

Here are her before and after results:

My daughter found the SmileBrilliant simple to use and, most importantly, extremely effective. She had some sensitivity issues, but feels she did not leave the desensitizing gel on her teeth long enough.  When she increased the length of time that the desensitizing gel was on her teeth, she felt better. She and I are thrilled with the results and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a brighter and whiter smile! 

To see a video tutorial of just how easy SmileBrilliant is to use, check out the video below:

There's another great tutorial video HERE too! 

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