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11 Nourishing And Necessary Skin Care Products For Your Routine

By Katie Gray

            Skin care is so important! There are many products available these days for your skin care routine. An important beauty tip: the neck is just as important as your face! Through every stage of life, it is imperative to take good care of your skin. Skin care requires cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating. This is essential to removing dead skin cells, dirt and oil. By doing this, it also prevents acne and skin irritation. Our skin protects us from everything in life, and is our biggest barrier against infection. (This is why we have to keep our skin hydrated with lotion, otherwise it gets dry and cracks – which can lead to infection and weaken our immune system.) Our skin also shields us from ultraviolet light from the sun. When our skin is healthy, it produces Vitamin D when exposed to the sun – which is crucial for many of our body functions.

Aging is inevitable in life, however; there are healthy ways to maintain your youthful appearance. You’re never too young or old to start preventing wrinkles, and you’re never too young or old to start taking care of your skin. Pay attention to keeping your skin healthy, drink a lot of water and take vitamins. A big part of aging naturally and looking good, is keeping your skin fresh. There are so many ways to minimize wrinkles and lines, maintain fresh and radiant skin, without having to undergo drastic plastic surgery or spend a fortune at the spa. Dermatologist bills can also get expensive, therefore; it’s smart to invest in dermatologist tested products that can be pricey – because in the long run it’s a better deal than paying for a lot of doctor appointments.

Healthy, radiant, fresh, glowing skin is a luxury that is deserved by all! No matter your skin type, ethnicity, age, gender or economic status – you are entitled to having healthy, happy skin. Seriously, love the skin you’re in!

Here are 11 nourishing and necessary skin care products for your routine:

Is The Answer To Perfect Skin Care In My DNA?

Disclosure: I received a HomeDNA Collection Kit sample and free lab services.

Am I using the right skin care products for my skin? I should have my answer in less than two weeks. Yesterday, I received a HomeDNA Collection Kit that provides a scientific Skin Care Analysis & Report unlocking my skin's potential through genetics!

The registration and DNA retrieval process was easier than I thought. First, I registered my kit online using the barcode provided on the DNA Sample Envelope, followed the prompts to create my account, and checked out. NOTE: For review purposes, I did not pay a lab fee, but the standard fee is $79.

After completing the information on the DNA Sample Envelope, I took one swab at a time, rubbed a swab around the inside of my cheek (back and forth and up and down) for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, I placed the swab into the envelope and repeated the process with the remaining swabs.  Lastly, I placed the envelope with the swabs into a prepaid business reply envelope, sealed it securely and mailed it! It was soooo easy! The entire process only took about 10 minutes to complete! 

I can't tell you how anxious I am to see my results! As soon as my Custom Report comes back from the lab, I will provide you with an update! I read that the report is supposed to include seven skin care categories and examine my unique genetic markers in order to provide my personalized skin care recommendations. Isn't that amazing? Soooo excited! 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that you can find HomeDNA Collection Kits at select CVS stores beginning this month! 

Stay tuned for my results! ๐Ÿ˜‚ ....

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With star clients like Hollywood's leading men including: Charlie Weber from ABC's “How to Get Away with Murder,” Cary Elwes from “Princess Bride,” and James Tupper from ABC’s “Revenge” – it’s clear she is very talented at the craft. Most recently her work has even been featured in top publications including: Vogue, Variety, People, The Observer, The Wrap, Deadline, Popsugar, and many more. For the past year, she has been the in-house makeup artist for Composure magazine and provides makeup and grooming to every celebrity client featured in the magazine, including: Naomi Grossman, Travis Wall, Karmin, Ryan Newman, Sarah Rafferty, Tahj Mowry and Haley Ramm. On top of the all-star roster of celebrity clientele, Chelsea is also the in-house makeup guru for Indonesia's insanely popular "iLook" series on Net TV, where she lends her expertise, granting Hollywood glam makeovers.