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Why NIP & FAB Skin Care Is Not Just For Celebrities!

Hey ladies! I'm really excited to share my latest skin care finds with you that also happen to be from Kylie Jenner's must-have skin care brand. It's called Nip & Fab. If the name sounds familiar, it is probably because Kylie Jenner is not only a loyal fan of the UK-based skin care brand, but she is their spokeswoman as well. That's right. Kylie is Nip & Fab's brand ambassador. That was one of the reasons Nip & Fab caught my attention.

Kylie raved on her Instagram: “Ok guys you have to try @nipandfab Dragons Blood Fix Serum! Plumps my skin and is the perfect makeup base, I love it. @mrsrodial your products are the best!”

Create A Filter-Free, Flawless Look with Breathable Oxygenetix Foundation

Finding a great foundation is a must when you want to create a filter-free, flawless look. That's why Oxygenetix foundation has been on my radar ever since I learned of this promising foundation with a cult following. The breakthrough foundation is beloved by A-list celebrities such as the Kardashians, Melissa McCarthy, and Poppy Delevingne, to name a few, who use Oxygenetix to preserve their youthful look and keep their skin healthy and beautiful.

Ten Coffee-Infused Desserts To Tempt Your Palate

Ending dinner with a cup of coffee is always nice, but ending dinner with a coffee-flavored dessert is even better, right?! That's why we've rounded up ten delicious desserts infused with the flavorful jolt of java!  

Simple and easy to make, these coffee dessert recipes ooze the indulgence and savory enjoyment you get from drinking your favorite cup of joe. 

How Pixi Beauty Has Taken Facial Peels To A Whole New Level

The beloved facial peel has just received a rather polished makeover. For many women, facial peels have become a vital part of transforming their skin and rejuvenating the natural beauty that lies underneath. I like to think of it as deep cleaning for your face. But now Pixi Beauty has taken it one step further when they unveiled their new Pixi Skintreat called Peel & Polish!
Peel & Polish takes facial peeling to a whole new level in that it's gentle on the skin. I've had peels in the past that were waaaay to strong and, as somebody with very sensitive skin, I was surprised to find Peel & Polish did not irritate my skin at all. However, with that said, I didn't keep it on for the full two minute maximum time suggested in the instructions. I think I could have, but you know what they say..."Once bitten. Twice shy." That's me, alright! Right now, I am happy with the results I'm seeing with keeping Peel & Polish on my skin for one full minute.

Magicsuit Swimwear: Seeing IS Believing!

I'm super excited to get right into today's post! Summer is almost here and it's time to start thinking of flip flops, shades, swimsuits and vacations! If you're like me, however, the thought of wearing a swimsuit may make you feel a wee bit uncomfortable. I'll be the first to admit that I put on a few extra pounds over winter. Once cold weather set in, the long walks that I enjoy so much were replaced with cozy nights by the fire, and holiday treats were substituted for fesh fruit for dessert. It's easy to see why just about anyone can struggle with weight gain during winter months.

Now, what if I told that there are trendy swimsuits out there that can visually take off pounds, hold in your tummy, and hug your curves just right! If you're looking for a flattering, well-made swimsuit, you need look no further than Magicsuit. Believe me! I'm obsessed with their slimming swimsuits!

The very first time I experienced the magic of a Magicsuit swimsuit, it was love at first sight (and feel)! The fabric is thicker than your average swimsuit and silky soft. It gives me the coverage I want (and need) in both the front and back, yet it is stylish and trendy! This is not your grandma's swimsuit - that's for sure! It fits like a glove and the solid black color looks ultra sophisticated! The plunging neckline...OMG! LOVE! I am 'Miss Conservative' when it comes to revealing too much skin, and I felt amazingly comfortable in this swimsuit. I never would have thought I could pull off a deep plunging neckline, and feel incredibly confident at the same time. 

New York Fashion Week Trends To Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe All Year

Fashion is a Religion. Vogue is the Bible. Anna Wintour is the Pope. New York City is the Church.

            New York Fashion Week occurs every September and February in New York City at Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts. NYC is the epitome of high end fashion. New York is the fashion capital of the United States of America, and is one of the main fashion capitals in the entire world. (The others being Milan, Paris and London.) This February the Fall 2017 collections were put on display. People come from all over the world to see the shows. (Fashion designers, fashion magazine editors, fashion writers and bloggers, models, photographers, celebrities, royalty, artists and so forth. NYFW is the ultimate crème de la crème.)

How To Use Essential Oils In Your Beauty Routine

The hype is real when it comes to essential oils! Why? Because it is indeed an essential. The benefits of essential oils are clearly evident. For centuries, essential oils have been utilized in beauty routines and in turn, positive results show. Any of the amazing creams, lotions, and skincare and haircare products created by dermatologists and hair professionals – all include the usage of essential oils. In fact, many of the main ingredients are essential oils! This is why those luxurious products work and are beneficial. Celebrities have been utilizing essential oils for years. Some stars who can’t get enough include: Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Kerry Washington, Demi Moore, MLB star Josh Hamilton, Grammy award winning Patrick Monahan of Train, and Maria Menounos, in addition to countless other stars. Essential oils are great for your skin, hair, health, stress levels, and even the air that you breathe!

Eco-friendly Apparel: prAna Is A Beautiful Path To Greener Living

This post is sponsored through Blog MeetsBrand for prAna. All opinions are 100% my own.

Being mindful of the fashion choices we make is one of the first steps to a path of greener living. Purchasing eco-friendly clothing and creating a wardrobe of classic and sustainable essentials, simplifies our lives and benefits the environment. Fashion is not about the latest trendy top that falls apart after a few washings, but the quality clothing you will have for many, many years and, hopefully, pass down to your children.

I've recently tried two fresh pieces from prAna. More than an online boutique for yoga clothing, prAna is a way of life that is synonymous with sustainable and ethical fashion. Their mission is to inspire healthy, active, and free-spirited living by producing garments that are made with love, and health minded and eco-minded materials. Naturally grown, naturally versatile organic cotton and hemp grown in China are just a few of the sustainable sources prAna uses. 

I'm obsessed with prAna's ultra versatile Amelie dress and feel every woman needs this simple black dress! The eco-friendly blend is super soft, comfy, and figure flattering. It can be dressed up or down and takes me from a day at the beach to dinner and a movie in the evening.  It is thick enough that it isn't see-through, but light enough to be a traveler's dream. I like the bra-friendly tank straps, too. Create your own style by adding accessories, putting on your favorite pair of shoes, and you're off in style. 

15 Festive Red, White & Blue Desserts

Squee! July 4th is just around the corner and I always look forward to picnics, pool parties and, of course, spectacular fireworks! But no Independence Day would be complete without a red, white and blue treat, right? That's why we've rounded up some tasty and colorful desserts courtesy of our blogger friends.

From festive cookies to firecracker cakes, you are sure to find something that tempts your taste buds. 

Do you celebrate the 4th of July or Memorial Day with a picnic or family gathering? Do you have a favorite red, white and blue recipe? Share in the comments below.

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Festival Fashion Guide: 6 Must-Haves To Complete Your Look!

Festival season is upon! From coast to coast, and even around the world, concert goers are coming together for a host of music festivals happening almost every weekend. Instagram pics of festival scenes fuel the popularity explosion and continue to blowup social media.   

Perhaps bigger than the lineup of bands, is what are people wearing. Thanks to Coachella, festival wear has now become a bona fide fashion season that lets you embrace the festival vibe and set your inner hippie free. 

To capture your own free-spirited style, we've rounded up six essentials that will help you easily put together your own boho ensemble.

1. Statement Jewelry.  More is more. Accessorize your outfit with a bold and earthy statement necklace, or layer necklaces and chokers together for instant boho drama. Add bangle bracelets and vintage-inspired rings to complete the look.